Friday, February 22, 2008

OMG Big Dies...

Okay, don't freak out: that was not a spoiler but just my interpretation of the full length trailer of the Sex and the City movie due out May 30 (and yes, I will actually be seeing it in the city!).

Though the turn Miranda and Steve's relationship has taken (he was supposed to always be the good one!) admittedly brought a lump to my throat, for the most part the incorporation of new footage has me excitedly anticipating... oh who am I kidding, I squealed like a giddy school girl! After all the hype surrounding the leaked production candids, I began to fear SATC as a movie was going to revolve too much on Carrie: I thought the other three would have to take a backseat as bridesmaids (hideous dresses and all, even if they are couture) while she planned her dream wedding, ultimately turning a very smart, revolutionary story about strong women into an old-fashioned chick flick cliche. Instead, the trailer focuses on the girls renewing their friendship in a way that leads me to believe the wedding is just in the opening moments, and then something goes horribly wrong, and Carrie turns back into that single girl in the city we all fell in love with ten years ago when the show first debut on HBO.

Or at least that's the hope. And since my theory about Lost's Kate's mystery flash-forward man proved to be only half true, I could be wrong about what the falling cell phone and sad wedding-dress-wearing-cab-ride imagery in the trailer means... but I honestly hope that I'm not wrong because if Big simply leaves Carrie at the alter, we will be forced to suffer through two hours of second-fiddle women convincing Carrie she is beautiful and intelligent and quite a catch and that Big was just a big, dumb, jerk. But he'll always be in the picture the same way he was for six-point-two seasons: her eye and mind will always wander back to him, basically awaiting the time and place they can hook up again. Instead, if he is out of the picture in the only permanent way possible, she can once again focus her attention on her friendships: the only forever and true relationships in her life. That is the Sex and the City we all know and love.

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DC said...

Any chance you're interested in a Sex and the City movie poster? I have a few stashed under my desk at work and I'm happy to send one over to you! :)

Let me know!