Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Longest (REAL) Relationship I've Ever Had...

Happy 1st Anniversary to Me & Madison!!!

A year ago today, I wandered into Pet Love in the Beverly Center (please don’t judge; those dogs need good homes, too!) and spied a tiny fluffball of white and black fur seeming to run straight at me in his glass prison. I admit I had my reservations at first (I wanted a girl dog), but I saw this other woman eyeing him and knew I wanted dibs. When the high school kid who was working in the store that day brought the little guy to me in the little play area, he started chewing on everything and anything and seemed to think my friend Jamie would be his mama… but I knew I loved him anyway. Standing at the register, where I learned the “SALE: Shih Tzu” sign on the cage in which he had been actually referred to the little white puppy in the back, I knew he was worth any amount I had to pay. Sometimes the best things in life are far from free. And when he rested his head on my chest in the elevator down to the parking lot, drifting off to sleep, that was it; he had me: Madison.

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Jamie said...

ok forgive me i just saw this. Awwww congrats to you both for finding each other