Sunday, March 23, 2008

Notes From The Not-So Underbelly Of My Week...

- Christian Siriano totally stole "Fierce" from Mean Girls' Damian. And apparently some genius at Access Hollywood thanks it will be a good idea for him to call the tween crowd "tranny messes." Doesn't anyone remember the fallout from Kathy Griffin's Dakota Fanning in rehab bit? And that was a joke.

- A father and son have matching forehead tattoos (and matching mugshots to prove it); the father's reads "Git Er Dun," and the son's reads "Psycho." I'm honestly not sure which is worse, but at least I feel better that mine aren't so literally "in your face."

- Miss/Guided parodied Perez Hilton this week; I kind of heart that show even more now.

- I like Bravo because they’ll show me Perry’s bare ass. And okay, for a pixelated Ben, too. ;)

- The LA Mission is well intentioned, but perhaps they should think about serving things that won’t give the homeless heart disease ‘cause Lord knows the shoes they give them aren’t enough to get them to the hospital!

- CBS has stolen Eric Winter back from ABC, but not how I pitched (I guess they didn't want to have to pay my residual fee). He will appear on at least three episodes of Moonlight starting at the end of April. Looks like I'll be making a trip to the dark side!

- American Idol seems to be pitching a horror movie about cheesy lounge singers who get trapped together in a dark, abandoned old house. I guess they had to try to mix it up a bit when they realized the weakness of the vocals offered by the majority of this season's contestants.

- When I went out last night, my dog chewed through the coaxial cable connection my wireless modem to the jack in the wall. My dog, who is one year old and clearly not acting like the adult he is supposed to be, has dozens of toys to play with and is always left with plenty of water, food and a cookie when I leave the house. For some reason, though, he prefers pee pads, pillows, and now apparently plastic wiring to actual food. Time Warner can't come until next week to reconnect me; if he wasn't so darn adorable... So this is my first mobile blog. I hope it worked the way I wanted it to.

- This coming-up-with-witty-and-worthy topics daily thing is much harder than it initially sounded! I'm going to need a big nap at the end of this month.

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