Sunday, March 9, 2008

Some News (What? Really?) Items From The Week...

- A new sex study just released their findings and apparently the shorter sex is, the better. Anything under thirteen minutes (all the way down to three) is apparently considered “just right.” Well, yeah, ‘cause these days people have sh*t to do, and you can’t multi-task when you’re having sex!

- Current President George W. Bush threw his support behind John McCain for the ’08 bid. McCain has subsequently had to come out and say how honored and thankful he is, but in reality he should be sh*tting a brick. After all, Bush the Junior has averaged the lowest approval ratings since… well, history. I think McCain was better off without him!

- The 9/11 stair case was moved this weekend. Some survivors and preservationists expressed their upset that it could not stay where it lay, so to speak, due to the building of even larger towers than the ones that once housed those stairs. Personally, I think they should split it up and give each survivor a piece, just as they did with the little steel crosses they made out of what was left of the beams. Years from now, I bet none of them will want to go back to the site and show their grandkids the staircase to led only some to freedom: I'm sure Anne Frank never wanted to see that attic again either.

- Apparently in some parts of the world there is no distinction between art and porn.

- SNL was actually funny last night—from the opening monologue that turned into song to the Project Runway spin-off parody (see below); hell, I’ll even forgive the dated jokes during Weekend Update (after all, in the age of the internet, most news jokes have a been-there-heard-that feel once the story is more than a day old). While I still stand by what I said two weeks ago, it’s nice to see they’re making strides in the right direction now.

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