Friday, March 7, 2008

There Are No Words (In A Good Way)...

The twelve year-old in me can't stop jumping up and down and screaming her little groupie head off long enough to put too many coherent thoughts together: Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp will return to RENT during the National Tour of 2009!!! If I could buy tickets today, I would-- and for all of the west coast shows, not just L.A. I will follow them to San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and any little back-country coastal town that I never knew existed but will probably fall in love with once I visit.

There are no other words. I'm just so happy! I'm one step closer to checking off something on my Things I Have To Do Before I'm 30 List:

1.) Get published (a real article, in a real magazine... none of the Letter To The Editor of Soap Opera Digest crap I've already accomplished).

2.) Adopt a child.

3.) Commission my custom Fazzino.

4.) See one of my own productions come to fruition.

5.) Get the entire original cast of RENT back together for a very special performance, like my 30th birthday or an Emmy party.

6.) Ditto with Mariah Carey: get her to sing at a very special function of mine... like my 30th birthday or an Emmy party.

Sidebar: Okay, yes I am aware the only way I can do either of the last two things is if I basically become the next Oprah or win a $270 million jackpot, but no one ever said dreams had to be realistic!

7.) Travel. That's it. Just get out of this God-forsaken place more, even if it's just road trips up and down the coast to all the various beaches.

8.) Pay my mother back for the money she gave me when I was first out of college and freelancing in film and barely working enough to cover my bills.


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Uh.... Zuh?

Amanda said...

That is my reaction to this news.

I am very excited.