Saturday, March 8, 2008

There's Reason Behind My Madness...

You may have noticed I have been blogging every day so far this month… Well, get used to it; it’s not a fluke! Though November is National Blogging Month, NaBloPoMo is trying to get people to write more every month, and in order to bribe people do so, they have announced a contest in which you post once a day for the entire month for the chance to win some pretty cool prizes. Considering I generally post two-thirds out of the month on my own anyway, I thought I should enter; after all, free stuff is awesome!

Now you may have noticed that yesterday’s post was particularly out of character for me. I very rarely do the list thing because it brings back too many memories of my early Creative Writing notebooks (don’t ask), but the optional theme for this National Blogging Month is just that: lists. I guess the idea is just to get people’s creative juices flowing daily, regardless of what they churn out when they put pen to pap—err, fingers to keys? Though surprisingly enough I wasn’t tapped out of ideas for regular blogs yet, but I wanted to give the assigned topic a try nonetheless. So on that note, I am posting my second list in a long time-- utilizing a recurring favorite topic—but this time I think I finally got it down to its last (worthy of being laminated) version.

My Top 5
( know, those five celebrities you’d sleep with if given the chance and any significant other at the time can’t get mad):

1.) Jensen AcklesAll right, I just wanted an excuse to post another picture of that pretty face :)

2.) Eric WinterErr... apparently I have a 'type' now...

3.) Matthew Perry
4.) Mark Wahlberg
5.) Jesse L. Martin
Alternate: Mark Paul Gosselaar
For the child in me... and also, the woman

Who’s on yours? (Be warned: it’s a lot harder to do than it looks!)


Kate, Dating in LA said...

So, no one can get mad? Even their spouses, right? Ok, then I have the first four, although the order seems to change fairly often. 1) George Clooney, 2)David Duchovny, 3)Alex O'Loughlin, 4)Jon Hamm, but the 5th one I like to keep open for men like Jeremy Northam, P&P Colin Firth, etc. A type? Me? Hell, yeah!

danielletbd said...

Oh, I didn't think about THEIR spouses. I guess they would get mad, but eh well, if their guy is willing to cheat on them, they probably don't have the best relationship anyway.

And gee, how did I know who would be the top on your list? Haha. But that's a good list; you even stumped me with Jeremy Northam. I haven't seen him in anything since "Gosford Park" so I forgot all about him (I don't have the premium cable for "The Tudors")

DC said...

Ooh, good luck in the daily blogging! :)

My list would be too long...way too long...

Moving over to Wordpress took sometime (it's on my friend's server, instead of on, but it's not really expensive. The only thing is that you'll probably need some server space, which is where it starts to get marginally more pricey. There's a lot of things about blogger that makes it easier, but I just like the Wordpress layouts a lot more :)

I got blog-tagged earlier today, which might keep you at your computer even more this month, so I'm tagging you too!

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