Thursday, March 13, 2008

Worst. Idea. Ever...

Michael Bay is in talks to bring Rosemary's Baby to the new millenium. Now, not only do I staunchly believe the greatness of that movie lies not only in its darkness but also its subtleness, two things Bay is notorious for not being able to do. For the majority of the film, the shock value comes not from creature moments or flashy FX but the inevitable pushing and pulling of the audience: did her neighbors really summon the devil to impregnate this woman or is she just crazy? Are we crazy if we believe the devil is this child's father, or are we crazy if we don't? The audience second-guesses itself, and that's what makes this film creepy! Bay's version will inevitably be about CGI Satan faces popping into equally firey CGI dream sequences and a mutant baby that probably explodes out of its mother. Suddenly a film that was once very psychological and intelligent will become just another watered-down black-or-white dumb "update" for the masses. So now do you see why I've become so disenchanted with the industry of late?

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