Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Scariest Kind Of Attack...

Ever since 9/11 I've been saying that if the terrorists really want to take down our country, all they need to do is destroy our satellites; we rely on them for all of our information, and without them, we'd have no information center but also no communication center. We'd be stranded.

Now that notion has been brought forth into pop culture, though perhaps on a smaller scale.

And okay, I know they were making fun of what a big deal we make of minor crises like this, but sadly, it's not that far off from reality. Our entire society becomes more reliant on technology every day, and if it were to just shut down, we'd be unable to do anything but sit and stare blankly at our just-as-blank screens. Maybe not the older generations who "back in their day" can remember a time where math was done and music spilled out from these round, frisbee-like discs, but if Y2K occurs in ten or twenty years, we may just be screwed.

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