Monday, May 12, 2008

For Your (Late) Consideration...

While watching How I Met Your Mother this evening, I happened upon a commercial for a new CBS reality show called The Greatest American Dog, in which pets and their owners live together in the same house (well, duh) while competing for the top prize. Some dogs operate on a "show" level, while others are just typical pets, some of whom have been trained to do some pretty odd things. And I only have one thing to say: how the hell did I not know about this sooner???

My dog Madison is not only the Greatest American Dog, but he is the Greatest Dog in general. I know it's much too late in the game to send in his headshot and demo reel (seriously, where was I when Craigslist was looking?), but I must throw his hat in the ring for any internet write-in vote there may be. Not only is he the cutest and sweetest, but he's also exceptionally smart. He learned his name within a day of me taking him home, and he was pee pad trained a day or two after that. In fact, I can count the number of housebreaking accidents he had on one hand. He also manages to learn the names of all of his new toys within an hour of receiving them. He puts a smile on everyone's face-- from strangers at the beach to neighbors walking by who just spot him sitting in the window. He loves other dogs and all people, and he mostly just wants attention and love. LePaws even wants to sign him, though I'm still not sure how I feel about making him a "working dog." I do, however, feel he deserves the attention and love of America, which is why I broadcast him on the internet For Your Consideration:

Madison, exhibiting uncharacteristic self-restraint as he performs his "pick a cookie" trick.

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Jamie said...

I'd vote for Madison! He better not forget me when he's famous!