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Sexiness, like beauty in general, is in the eye of the beholder: it is completely subjective and reasons behind why one may find another sexy cannot even always be explained. Who we find attractive is not even really left up to us; there is something innate in our make-up that draws us to one person rather than another. Or at least, that's what I believe. So that being said, tonight TV Guide is airing their "TV's Sexiest Men (of All Time)" list-- a compilation of twenty-five men ranging from Patrick Dempsey to Chris Noth to even Ted Danson-- and after viewing an early copy of the special (the only perk to working in VOD), I have determined they have made quite a few oversights.

I admit that I am biased when it comes to our first contender, Mr. Jensen Ackles, but no one can deny the bouncy blond hair and deep dimples that first graced our screens back in the early nineties with his work on NBC daytime and later his broad shoulders, smoldering gaze, and knack for sarcasm on Dark Angel. Now he is proving the old adage is true that men truly do get better with age: just look at him now on Supernatural!

Mr. Mark Paul Gosselaar first won hearts as the schemer with a heart of gold, Zack Morris, on the tween sensation Saved By The Bell, but no one felt right about calling him "sexy" as a skinny minor, so he didn't truly cross over into swoon-worthy status until he started playing tough cop John Clark on NYPD Blue. Gosselaar has made everything from neon surf trunks to oversized windbreakers to plain black suits look good, but perhaps he got the most notice when he was wearing nothing at all. Fans who had grown up wallpapering their rooms with his Tiger Beat pin-ups finally got their money shot on the latter program when he rolled over in bed and flashed his bare butt-- something which was only more appreciated after years of waiting.

Mr. Jesse L. Martin spent the last nine years on NBC's original Law & Order-- just last month appearing in his final episode-- without ever winning an award (though he was nominated for several SAG and Image Awards) for his gripping portrayal of a detective who in one breath can win a victim over with a crooked smile and wink, while in the next, scare a victim with just a subtle shift of emotions behind the same lips and eyes (and okay, pounding the table with a fist probably doesn't hurt the gruff persona). So, though he's moved on now, he staked his claim in television long ago and deserves his rightful title even though his screen is a little bit bigger nowadays.

If the guys in my science classes had looked like Mr. Gary Dourdan, I definitely would have showed up to labs! Between his light eyes/dark complexion combination, his confident swagger, and his general style-- usually rocking an open-to-the-chest-button-down under a leather jacket-- he is single-handedly working week after week on CSI to redefine what the American public thinks of "science nerds." Dourdan has recently announced that if he gets his way, he will be leaving the CBS franchise shortly, but if his fans get their way, he will pop up-- and steam up-- the small screen again just as soon. Regardless of recent legal troubles, the man is beautiful!

Though he plays a harried dad now on Desperate Housewives, Mr. Doug Savant might best be remembered as a resident doctor on Melrose Place. He had audience members swooning, even with short screen time, which seems to be a pattern for him even now, all these years later. Though his on-screen relationships have always been pretty tame compared to the other characters’ around him (on Melrose Place, his character Matt was gay, and nineties television wasn’t as progressive as it is today), his sparkling eyes and wide white grin always manage to capture attention… and hearts.

Others worth mentioning: Rob Lowe, Austin Peck, Esai Morales, and Adam Rodriguez.

You can catch TV Guide's picks today on Channel 3 or just check out this clip below:

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You know, I think Mikki dated Gary, or at least got photographed with him a couple of times at premieres.