Thursday, May 8, 2008

In Odder News: More Bad News For Jason Castro...

Pot Suckers. Sounds like a joke, right? Or at least it did to me. Green lollipops wrapped in white, newspapery wrappers boasting they taste like marijuana. Even if they're real, I can't imagine they'd fly off shelves. I mean, do people really smoke pot because they like the taste? While the story that the news has been reporting about the marketing to kids (well, duh, guys; it's a piece of candy; kids are the prime demographic!) is not particularly funny, the name of the Senator spearheading the whole "no sale to minors" campaign (not unlike cigarettes, I suppose) most certainly is. That is because the man is Georgia Senator Doug Stoner.


Okay, it might be a little funnier if his name was Joe.

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DC said...

hahah as soon as I see one of these, I need to have one. I've always wanted a lolli that tasted like a skunk.