Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Five Cents: American Idol's 7th Finale...

Despite the judges' seeming incessant need to drive-home their love for lil Davey Archie, probably with the hope of swaying the votes (really, guys? You want ANOTHER seventeen year-old to win? ‘Cause Jordin’s sales did so well for you?), I must admit that tonight's performances made me a fan of David Cook's. I admit I missed the first song, and the second, as Randy would say, was "only okay" for me-- probably because of the screamy-ness of it all, but the power in his voice on the third-- and the mere fact that he opted not to take the "safe road" and re-do a track he already performed once in the season-- sold me.

Whether he wins or not, after his take on the Collective Soul song I usually find too sappy for anything but an eye-roll, I will seek out and (pay to) download his next album. Paula, for her credit, seemed to regret the collective (pardon the pun) decision to back the prepubescent David, as she stood and applauded D.C. not once but twice. Sure, the constant tearing up every time he finishes a performance is annoying, but I assume he'll grow out of that. And the Adam Pascal comparison can't be ignored.

Archuleta, meanwhile, made me hate runs in more than just pantyhose. After a lifetime of R&B, I didn't think that was possible.

I think it's a HUGE discredit to D.C. how Simon referred to tonight as a "K.O." for Archuleta, as well as how Randy said the Collective Soul song was the kind of record he could “just get by with,” but I think in the end, he will do better if he doesn't win and therefore isn't resigned to the pop-sounding first album of all Idols past. I also think it would have been HIGHlarious to see a boxing metaphor play out between Archuleta and 3rd place finisher Syesha Mercado, just for the images it provokes in my mind, though I don't think either would deserve to take home the title at the end of that fight.


DC said...

I think that Archuleta killed Cook tonight. I was actually at the taping and the difference between them was unreal.

Killed him to the point that he wins AI? Not sure if it was that big of a win, but it was a big win IMO.

Syesha v. David, boxing theme? I could see it ;)

danielletbd said...

Yeah, it's funny because Archuleta really is more my style typically. But maybe I just like to root for the underdog, and after last night, the judges made it clear D.C. fans would have to work overtime to overthrow the Prince's reign.