Saturday, June 28, 2008

In Odder News: There Are No Words...

If you're like me and you prefer an entertainment news wire over an actual one, you have your finger on the pulse (and your bookmarks set to) websites like Perez Hilton, Entertainment Weekly Online, and perhaps most notably No Control. These are sites that post religiously, pulling news and gossip from all facets of entertainment and a myriad of sources onto one central page and reprinting it for your convenience. No Control happens to be the best of the bunch (IMHO) and not just because they link to me ;) They are simply the best for finding gems of articles like the in-depth exposé on New York's first Reality Television School. Yes, it's real. It's a school for wannabe reality show contestants where they learn the ins and outs-- what to do and what not to do-- in a casting session in order to get selected for the show-- any one of the shows and all of the shows.

I intended to write a lengthier "response" piece, but I am literally left speechless after reading the craziness in that article. The whole thing sounds like a prank for yet another reality show! But sadly no, Reality Television School is where our culture has gone these days: it's acting school but for the less ambitious. And doesn't that one statement alone speak volumes for us as a society?

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