Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Five Cents: How Hot Is This!?...

So Ryan Seacrest apparently has a production company, though I can't believe this is the first I'm really hearing about it, and it's exceptionally fitting then that the project being promoted right now under that company is the first guy-guy dating show. Being deemed the real Entourage, Seacrest's new reality show will chronicle a group of so-called regular guys as they come to Hollywood to compete in a series of challenges, group dates, and alone time Bachelor style with the hopes of being chosen by Brody Jenner (yet another "Why do we care about him?" members of Young Hollywood, known only for his famous family) as part of his real life entourage. Though just like The Bachelor, there is no reason to believe their place in his life will be even part-time permanent.

Now, admittedly I watch a lot of crappy reality television because it reruns all of the time, and my favorite shows are the ones that feature pretty men at whom I can just stare with the volume turned all the way down (where's the second season of America's Most Smartest Model, btw?). This Seacrest/Jenner venture proves to be just another one of those, as Jenner himself has the Matt Leinart thing going for him without being sweaty or beefy, as footballers tend to be. Apparently, and the aspects of this detail are still a bit fuzzy since the show was literally just announced this morning, the "bros" will have to sit around in a Hot Tub during the elimination ceremony, undoubtedly poking fun at the ridiculousness of reality dating competitions while simultaneously offering just as much eye candy as the programs of which they are bashing. As Jenner calls their names, probably tossing them a personalized Ed Hardy hat instead of a rose, the rejected bro will have to stand and exit the hot tub, dripping wet and half naked, and exit the house.

And I'm the first to admit now that I plan to tune in eagerly. Sure it sounds dumb in the long run, but knowing the superficiality not only of reality television but also of Jenner in his everyday life, there is no way the cast won't be pretty... so pretty! If we have to endure hour after endless hour of women prancing around in low cut tank tops and tight jeans (if that, usually it's more like bikinis and pixelation), the least they can do is give us this. Sure, we'll probably have to endure some frat boy-like antics along the way, but that's what the mute button is for!


Jaime said...

Does Brody Jenner have a famous rich family? I thought he was one of those Laguna Beach kids. Or is it just that he dated a bunch of them?

Anyway, that picture is hot, and the tattoo is hot in placement, but...his last name? Really?

danielletbd said...

He was one of the LB kids, but he's the son of Olympian Bruce Jenner (step brother to the Kardashian girls), too.