Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Five Cents: "Little Boxes Dimebag #1"...

Just in time for the premiere of the fourth season, Lionsgate has released a special companion soundtrack to their hit comedy Weeds. Though an official album, featuring music from and inspired by the show, has been released in conjunction with each season’s DVD release (and the third is upcoming this fall), this new album is perhaps the only true collector’s item, even if it’s a bit kitschy.

After the season three finale, where Nancy (Mary Louise Parker) set fire to her own house during a mandatory evacuation of Agrestic due to the wildfires (a move that proved to have much insight, as her friends were all simultaneously being interrogated about the grow house found in Celia (Elizabeth Perkins)’s pre-fab box), the show announced that they would be retiring their theme song, appropriately named “Little Boxes.” If Nancy would no longer be in Agrestic, the whole opening sequence would have to be scrapped, simulating that while she as a mother and a businesswoman would be moving on with her life, so would the show be heading in a new direction (one which is apparently west, according to the fourth season premiere). Each episode over the three years featured a variation of the original Malvina Reynolds ditty, spanning genres from the folksy tempo of Randy Newman to the country twang of Billy Bob Thornton to salsa and hip-hop and even a ballad. “Little Boxes Dimebag #1,” therefore, is a ten-track volume of said covers, collecting the most original and perhaps most inspired but still promising that this is just a little taste, and more will be forthcoming… if we want it.

Anyone who watches Weeds—religiously or just on occasion—can attest that this song gets under your skin and stays in your head for days after that initial viewing. We’re addicted to Weeds’ product as a whole—not just the smart writing or sharp acting but everything in between. “Little Boxes” has always been catchy, but now that it has been released in a multitude of genres and tempos, there is virtually a version for everyone. Lionsgate definitely knew what they were doing here: feeding the addiction, giving us more and more of the phenomenon, little bits at a time. “Little Boxes Dimebag #1” is only available online but is definitely worth a download... C'mon; all the cool kids are doing it!

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Jaime said...

I love Weeds, but I have to admit, I probably won't be downloading all the different versions of Little Boxes.