Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Five Cents: Suburban Shootout

Little is yet known about Suburban Shootout, a television series revolving on a couple who moves to an idyllic little county from a big city, only to discover there are two rival gangs of housewives living in their newfound paradise. Well, little is known about the American version, anyway, which has been picked up by HBO but has been kept pretty tightly underwraps thus far. Based on the British black comedy, HBO's version is destined to be like Desperate Housewives on crack, undoubtedly yanking some absurd situations directly from the original (such as one gang taking extreme action against inane "threats" like kids wearing hooded sweatshirts), all the while, replacing their foreign curses (which really just elicit giggles) with a healthy dose of some choice 's' and 'f' words.
I was bummed last month when ABC pulled Miss/Guided from their schedule after only six stuck-in-the-middle-of-the-strike episodes. The show was funny, different, and a shot in the arm to that network's fledgling half-hours, but moreover, I was just bummed Judy Greer didn't get more of a chance to shine in a lead role. Then along came the upfronts' announcement of Suburban Shootout only a few days later.

Sandwiched in a cast with other comedic heroines (Kerri Kenney, Rachael Harris, and Kelly Preston) and directed by crossover chameleon Barry Sonnenfeld, my only fear is that Greer might get swallowed up a bit in the action, as she is not playing one of the gang leaders. I have never seen the original, so I do not know if Greer's character abhors or embraces her menacing neighbors, but of course I only hope it is the latter. How badass would it be to see four strong female friends who don't just cover-up crimes (ala Desperate) but also commit them? It's one more step away from the passivity of, well, our past. There's a sense of vindication in all of this.

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