Saturday, July 5, 2008

Come So Far (Got So Far To Go)...

I've been taking a good, hard look at my more recent entries lately, and I've noticed a disturbing pattern: increasingly they have taken on the omnipotent voice/entertainment journalism angle rather than the personal diatribe ranting with which I once began this blog. The intended purpose of this site was to talk about how pop culture influenced who I was growing up, what goals I might have set for myself, and how its presence is still deeply rooted in my life even though I am finally old enough to go out and get, in the real world, all the things I wanted from the reel world. And if I'm being really honest, each entry was supposed to serve as a teaser to (or one chapter from, if you will) my memoirs.
I've never been a "glass half-full" sort of person, so the fact that I am writing again is not enough for me; now I've started to beat myself up over the fact that what I'm writing (and how I'm writing it) is off-track. Maybe the detour from personal entries was so I could use this site as an on-going writing sample for any professional writing job to which I may apply. But sometime along the way I can't help but feel like I lost the distinctness of my voice, so with the second half of this year, I will work to get back what I had at the second half of last year. With any luck, hopefully I'll compile a solid rough draft of said memoirs... but I've never really been a "lucky" sort of person, either.

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