Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mid-Week Round-Up...

Only hump day, and already too many things are going "down" (no pun intended) in Hollywood that I feel are worth a mention... however brief it may be:

- Fresh off a viewing of VH1's "100 Greatest Teen Stars" (it was produced in 2005, but if I caught it on an original airing, I don't remember it-- and how the hell did Screech get a higher billing than Zack? Oh yeah, he was the only one actually willing to come on and be interviewed...), it has been announced that mid-nineties scream-queen Neve Campbell's biggest success to date (the Scream franchise, duh!) will be back for another installment. The fourth film, taking place a decade after the last, which was apprently now mistakenly deemed the final chapter of a trilogy (so you know, all bets were off), has not yet announced a director, a cast, or even a writer. So basically they're holding out for a puffier, not nearly as funny Jamie Kennedy to come back as a severely P.O'd and slightly deformed Randy, after being mistakenly buried alive?

- Though I have yet to actually screen an episode of CBS' Baby Borrowers, thanks to these recaps (oh, okay, thanks to these captioned screencaps!), it is already my new favorite summer show.

- In an interview about Transformers 2, Megan Fox spilled the spoilers that the sequel would pick up two years after the first one left off, with her and Shia LaBeouf's characters deep enough into a relationship that they "bicker like old married people." So basically, they're redoing Mr. & Mrs. Smith but throwing in some giant robotic enemies instead of just other dude and dudettes with Uzis. Greeaat.

- William Petersen is leaving CSI. Again and semi-for-good (he'll still make the occasional Sweeps guest appearance, I-- and the good people at Entertainment Weekly-- am sure. If this were even two years ago, I would totally care.

- Kiko Ellsworth finally got a mainstream gig... but sadly, more notably, he got old. :(

- Amy Poehler is being tapped for an Office spin-off. While I'm one of maybe four people left in this country who don't watch that show-- either in its original British form or its American counterpart, but this sounds like an office I want to work in!

- Andy Dick has been arrested yet again-- this time for drug posession and some sort of sex abuse. And to think this guy was the "celebrity mentor" on the last season of The Real World, on which a castmember actually had to leave to go to rehab.

- Comic Con San Diego is screwing with me! They have scheduled the only two panels I really want to see to overlap each other. Now I'll have to sacrifice my love for NPH for my love for Jensen Ackles. Or, you know, just arrive late. What? It's totally fine; no biggie...

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