Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Five Cents: Everything I Hate About Catholics...

First I have to say that my father's side of the family is Catholic, and therefore I feel it is within my rights to talk about the hypocritical parts of that religion that I think are an abomination, not only to God but to modern ways of life in general. In one episode of Big Brother 10, Dan, the twenty-four year old Catholic schoolteacher, has already epitomized all of said things.

First off, he actually packed an American flag to bring with him into the house. He said that if liberals were running the country during this time of war, we would not be winning. Well, I will give him the fact that he's half right because if liberals were running this country for the past four years, we would not still be at war. Then when he got into the house he admitted that he knows things will "go down" that are contradictory to his faith, but he'll be okay because when he leaves, he'll just go to confession. Right there-- that attitude-- is everything I've always hated about Catholicism. Basically as kids, we're taught that if we sin, we just have to atone for it by telling a priest what we did, say a few Hail Marys, and all will be okay. It's pretty much a free pass to be a douchebag, one with which Dan seems to be very well versed.

At one point he said he thought he saw a lot of himself in Bryan. Now, it's too early to really know anything about Bryan (other than the fact that he actually refers to himself in the third person), and yes, they are both white men, but I still think that's insulting. Ugh, Dan actually makes me want to head to CBS-Radford and toss a match at the house.

Jerry, the grandfather of the show, perhaps said it best when he talked about nominating Dan because he is a "loose cannon." Zealots are crazy; they feel they have the spiritual law on their side, and therefore they do and say whatever they want without fearing consequences. The thing is, though, the dude is still young. Whatever his influences are at home, he will undoubtedly come into contact-- and therefore conflict-- with those who have opposing views, like Libra, a self-proclaimed "Obama supporter in Bush country." She's in a biracial marriage, and she has twins, but one is black and one is white. Dan is probably praying for her as I type this, but I hope she can straighten the boy out. He could stand to learn from the different personalities in the house, and maybe this show will do something to change someone's life other than give them an STD.

Also, I’m pretty sure Ollie was praying during the nomination ceremony. If so, that’s not cool either, and though he seemed pretty chill (though also religious, just not combative or in-your-face with his beliefs), if this crap continues, he’ll be next on my list.

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