Monday, July 21, 2008

My Five Cents: Not A Has-Been Yet...

Explain something to me please: isn't Las Vegas where sought-after careers go to die?

The city of sin has been much more like the city of chintz lately, attracting divas who have fallen a bit off their perch: Celine Dion and Cher. Now People Magazine is speculating that Mariah Carey might follow in those high-octave footsteps and take up semi-permanent residence in Las Vegas. I don't get it. Mariah is back on top-- in every sense of the word. She has one of her highest selling records to date with E=MC2; she is taking the beauty world by storm with two hot fragrances; and she has finally found love again with former child star Nick Cannon. A few years ago after her debut film flopped, and she had a mild "breakdown," this move would have almost made sense; she could revitalize her career after all (though I don't know how five shows a week would be conducive to ensuring she doesn't have another bout with exhaustion!). But today, she is far from the has-been that seems to be required to take the stage in Vegas.

I normally steer clear of talking about gossip or rumors because so much of what the rags report turns out to be unfounded and therefore untrue, but when Mariah Carey's name is involved, I feel almost obligated to offer my five cents. Besides, after she was spotted in a home furnishing store in Malibu, I was kind of hoping if she'd finally leave New York City behind, it would be for the sunny sands I so often frequent. Madison needs to be besties with Jack and J.J. after all! Needless to say, I like the rumors of her being the Fashion Week guest judge on Project Runway much, much more!

... of course if this proves to have some merit, I may have to rent out my new townhouse and look for a cheap rental just off the strip. That or take bi-weekly road trips! Ooh! Do you think there will be a store? Like the Cirque Du Celine shop that had mugs and clocks and pencil cases and stuff with Celine's face on them?

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