Sunday, July 13, 2008

Support Your Childhood Dreams...

Though his long, wavy, dark hair more resembles John Corbett (and the slightly greasy, My Big Fat Greek Wedding John Corbett at that) than Zack Morris, it's still good to see Mark Paul Gosselaar back on television!
In another Stephen Bochco production, Gosselaar has signed onto Raising The Bar, yet another law show, though this one focuses on opposing counsel who have been friends since law school. It's your typical smart and highly charged drama with Gosselaar playing the "idealistic one," a public defender who will stop at nothing to help those who cannot help themselves. Gloria Reuben (ER) will co-star as his passionate and protective boss; Teddy Sears (Ugly Betty) is the spoiled rich kid with a conscience: he forgoes a cushy job at his father's firm to work for the public defender’s office. However, on the opposing counsel is Melissa Sagemiller (Sleeper Cell) as an attorney in the D.A.'s office who is almost militant about justice and morality; Currie Graham (feeling right at home from a run with Boston Legal), who is a lecherous D.A. with razor-sharp knowledge of the law; J. August Richards (Conviction), who sounds like the typical "wildcard:" that one guy on the team who will stop at nothing to put criminals behind bars. Jane Kaczmarek (Malcom in the Middle) is the dictator-like Judge who will oversee the young lawyers' work.

Will their different stances on the same cases create rifts in their personal relationships? Will one of them have a secret from their past that will come back to haunt a case? Will any of them hook up? If you know Bochco, you know the answer is yes! Bring on the drama!

Raising The Bar will air on TNT, too, so here's hoping for some more male nudity! The cable censors are far more forgiving than network, after all. :) I've already added this to my "Must See" list for the fall. More on that shortly...

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