Thursday, July 3, 2008

They Went All The Way To Hawaii For That!?...

Mariah Carey has debuted her newest video (for "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time") today exclusively through Yahoo! Music and AOL, after weeks of images from the Hawaiian photo shoot being passed around those sites and dozens more. The video is an ode to the story-less videos of Mariah's early days, when Sony opted instead to just focus on their star and her voice, placing her alone in a room to sing and sway to the tune. Though this video definitely has the "emancipated" feel (she's in teeny bikinis instead of form-fitting dresses, and it employs the hip-hop techniques of blinking to black and reusing certain "money" shots over and over), it lacks all of the creativity she exalted when she first broke free as a woman and an artist. Unfortunately, director Chris Applebaum shows even less imagination with "I'll Be Lovin U Long Time" than the last video ("Bye Bye"); there is no leading man, no arc, no story at all: just an exceptionally fit Mariah dead center. For someone who has been honing her acting chops with independent film, I'm underwhelmed, but what about you?

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