Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chicks Are Taking Over Reality TV!...

This year after crowning the first female Biggest Loser on NBC, we have also finally crowned the first female Last Comic Standing. Unfortunately it came six seasons too late, as the show has not been relevant since it switched hosts for the second time. More unfortunately, this season was condensed due to the impending Olympics, which means last week's voting was between a remarkable five contestants, and in tonight's season finale, we were forced to sit through an hour and a half of awkwardness where the comedians got kicked off one at a time. We also had to endure integrated commercials for Deal or No Deal and Kath & Kim (which, by the way, doesn't look so funny anymore) and stand up sets by Jon Lovitz and last season's (pretty unfunny) winner Jon Reep before finally being allowed to hear about two minutes from each of the final two: Marcus and Iliza.
When it got down to them, I figured they were setting it up so she would win. Though Marcus was funny and a killer at impressions (and he was one of my top two from the beginning-- with Iliza being the other one, btw), over the course of the season he started to balloon up and look more and more haggard, like the stress was getting to him, and he wouldn't be able to handle life on a tour bus, let alone life on a press tour, red carpet, or weekly sitcom. Iliza, though, seemed to get sharper with each week. Granted, if the season had its full run, things may have ended up differently... but I doubt it.

What I thought was so cool about Iliza Shlesinger was not just her weird baby girl voices she would do whenever imitating a typical chick you'd see in the bar or club, but how she always looked so nervous when they were announcing who would not be moving on in the competition. She wore the fact that this meant the world to her not on her sleeve but on her face, and when, two straight weeks in a row, she took out two other competitors, she was not even the slightest bit PC about it. She whooped and threw her arm up in victory like the thankful winner she deserved to be.

Though Iliza said it's not really about being a girl but just being funny, after the X chromosomes have ruled show after show, I can't help but wonder if we're about to see an all female Amazing Race team take the million this fall. The late nineties must really be "in" again because I'm about to start shouting the "Girl Power!" lines of once-beloved Spice Girls!

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