Friday, August 29, 2008

My Five Cents: The Live Feed That SHOULD Be...

After the one-two punch of a "surprise" double eviction on last night's episode played out exactly as expected, the show is proving to dry out as much as it's thinning out and winding down, it leads me to believe that the production crew at CBS-Radford should strip the Big Brother house of its cameras and mosey them on over to the jury house. Sure, there we would have to endure more of April and Ollie's showmance-- but let's face it: we fast-forwarded through it once; we can do it again-- but at least there we wouldn't have to deal with the human lollipop that is the Chen-bot. Think about it: in the Big Brother house, these morally questionable people are backstabbing and backdooring in the name of a game-- for a grand prize of half of a million dollars-- but take away the money, the threat of slop, and the asininely larger-than-life carnival games in the backyard, and you’ll just have the same rude and two-faced individuals stuck in close quarters with no line to the outside, real world. Just a handful of bitter, grudge-holding, complaining runners-up, each of whom is probably scheming to shave off another’s eyebrows while they sleep. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly in there!

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