Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Five Cents: Next Year's Daytime Emmy Winner For Best Talk Show Goes To...

Move over, Ellen, there's another funny blonde coming to the daytime talk circuit! After making a career of muttering knee-slappingly funny lines in the background and as a supporting character in countless films (Cheaper by the Dozen, Return to Me) and taking a turn as a sitcom star in Life With Bonnie, Bonnie Hunt is returning to screens this fall with her own talk show. Produced by Telepictures, the same company behind Ellen, The Bonnie Hunt Show promises to be just as sharp, witty, and cheery as Hunt herself, especially during variety or "man on the street" segments, in which, if the featured video on the show's website is any indication, Hunt takes to the corners with a microphone herself.

In other news, I have been trying to find a way into this production since I first read about it in Variety back in January. Not only do I find Hunt completely underrated genius, but also I would give anything to be back in such a creative office, working with clever, ambitious, and talented men and women, and with the perks of rotating segments and guests to break up the monotony that can often be office (even production office) life. Plus I just miss the thrill of chasing the "live" clock; now I've been reduced to clock-watching of a different kind lately: I count down the minutes until I can shut off my computer in my sad little windowless VOD distribution cubicle and go home... So if any of you hear of any openings, please forward them my way!

The show premieres in ten days, and the first guest has not yet been announced, but there is a place on the website to submit yourself as a guest on the show for a variety of categories (cool school, heroes, inventors, etc), so maybe if I can't work there, I can at least spend an hour in the studio plugging myself, my book, or even this blog. Stay tuned to see if I make it!

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