Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Odder News: And The MC Stands Alone...

Mariah Carey shocked a lot of people earlier in the year when she wed former child star Nick Cannon in a small, last minute island ceremony, but her newest venture might drop more jaws than her infamous 2001 TRL appearance. After airing in Fashion Rocks last night, with long-time manager Benny Medina at her side, representatives from her camp have confirmed to E! Online (so maybe take this with a grain of salt) that although the two will still "collaborate," Maroon Entertainment is taking over the day to day of Mariah's management. The thing is, Maroon is Mariah's own company.

When Britney Spears got married on a whim in Vegas, I wrote an article that said she was a sheltered young girl who had "people" handling everything about her life, and she was probably just looking for a way to gain control of something. After all, when you hit that level of fame, you can no longer do anything that most of us take for granted: grocery shopping, and going to a mall, seeing a movie in a theater are all verboten unless you want to get hounded by fans and paparazzi. So when Mariah and Nick married, I shrugged it off, thinking after nearly two decades of being pampered and having everything done for her, she must just need to do something for herself for a change. But this news is big; this is a step in the right direction. Getting married is something you do with your heart, but this she did with her head.

I have covered quite a few of Mariah's events of late, and I am always in awe of one thing: Benny Medina can be such a diva, and yet people just take his word at face value and never cause him any consequences for his actions. For example, Mariah has joked that a watch just doesn't quite go with her ensemble, and for that (and the intensity of her scheduling), she relies on those around her (those she has hired, I might add) to tell her when she needs to be places and to push her in the right direction. If an event is set to start at eight, and she's lounging backstage, talking with friends, opening gifts from fans, playing with her dogs, whatever, she has no idea when the clock creeps past eight; hell, she may not even know she is supposed to "go on" at eight! Medina doesn't tell her she's needed; he lets her continue doing what she's doing while fans and press outside grow restless, and yes, sometimes start to boo. Is that doing the best job you can do for not only your highest profile client but perhaps one of the highest profile clients you could possibly have today?

So there you have it, Medina; you act like an ass and mismanage careers, and first you may lose lightweights like Usher and Tyra, but soon enough, even the most sheltered artist will gain the knowledge and strength to leave you, too, which seems to be the case now. Can it be blamed on Nick? Is he influencing her professional life as well as her personal? The sometimes-singer/actor himself said he would love to work with her, but that is all he has thus far commented, but I wouldn't be surprised if being with his "fresh eyes" has opened hers to some of the ridiculous diva-ness of her handling that always came from Medina himself but was blamed on her.

So what's up next for Mariah now that she is branching out on her own? Is she going to take her career in a new direction after almost two decades of topping the charts? Well, she has her new fragrance (Luscious Pink) in stores, and she still plans to announce her E=MC2 tour in November, but rumors have been buzzing about an HBO Christmas movie, as well as some more turns in indie flicks-- hey, Mariah, if that's true, I have a part for you in a cable comedy pilot; call me!! If it's not true, and you just need someone for your staff, call me for that, too!! Oh yeah, and I bet we'll start to see some "right side of her profile" photos now!

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