Wednesday, September 3, 2008

La Lohan's Gonna Be A Mommy!...

Though it's odd to see a trailer released for a film that is admittedly still in post-production, it is just as oddly nice to see Lindsay Lohan back on-screen for doing something other than hitting a club, another car, or the bottle. In Labor Pains, she plays a young secretary on the verge of being fired who lies about a pregnancy because she learned on a very special episode of Law & Order that being pregnant gives her special rights and privileges at work. From there, her career only starts to take off, and she must juggle her new responsibilities and friends with her ever-expanding lie. Lindsay was really funny in both Freaky Friday and Mean Girls, proving she does have talent buried under her celebrity; plus with a supporting cast that boasts Cheryl Hines, Chris Parnell, and Chelsea Handler, it may still be a few months shy of delivering (a final cut), but Labor Pains is certainly looking promising!

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