Friday, September 12, 2008

My Fall Schedule: Friday Nights...

9 p.m. – The Ex-List – (CBS) A woman desperate to get married visits a psychic and is told she has already met “the one” and had a previous relationship with him, but she is not given any clues as to whether or not that relationship was serious, a one-night stand, or even just a platonic friend or working one. Hell, for all she knows, “the one” could be the guy who delivers her mail or sells her coffee at Starbucks. The premise of revisiting a past relationship week after week—with everyone from a vengeful punk rocker to a crier—will get old fast, that I acknowledge, but my goal is to get the show to the point where Eric Winter's episode can air. (Series Premiere October 3)

10 p.m. – The Starter Wife – (USA) Now that the book-turned-miniseries is a full order television show, the producers have made the bold choice of having their lead (Debra Messing) swear off men after a couple of bad experiences, but that in no way means she won't be surrounded by eye candy-- especially considering The Starter Wife is competing against Lipstick Jungle in genre, as well as timeslot. I gave Lipstick (and its ABC counterpart Cashmere Mafia) a try last season, and I didn't like either (so I'm not surprised only one survived), and now I feel like I have to give this one a shot, too. But I admit, though, that this show is one I will only check out if I just happen to be home; I'm not jumping off of my couch for its season to begin... even with an episode titled "The Forty Year-Old Virgin Queen" at the helm! (Series Premiere October 10)

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Kate, Dating in LA said...

Sounds like The Ex-List is getting hit with the Moonlight curse. I heard they just lost their showrunner who was also the creator of the show.