Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Fall Schedule: Sunday Nights...

8 p.m. - The Amazing Race - (CBS) This thirteenth season once again boasts new locales, like Bolivia and Cambodia, even though their teams are made up of the same stereotypes (a brother/sister duo! a couple trying to heal their relationship! best buds! the older, slightly odder couple! etc!), and the constant change in scenery is what keeps drawing me back in. I may not have all this disposable income to travel, but from the comfort of my own couch, for an hour a week, I get to see some of the most beautiful sites in the world, too. (Season Premiere September 28)

8 p.m. - Valentine - (The CW) A primetime soap about a family of Greek Gods living in L.A. to help humans meet up with their soulmates is something at which I would normally roll my eyes. Add to the fact that Jaime Murray plays the lead, and I'm officially out (she will always be the creepy, pyromaniac obsessed with Dexter Morgan in my mind!). However, the show also boasts Kristoffer Polaha, hot off the sadly short-lived Miss/Guided, as Eros, the God with the power to make people fall in and out of love with the snap of his fingers (or, in mythology, a snapback of his bow), and my curiosity is piqued enough to take a look. While I doubt the show will last much longer than any of his other projects, I am willing to give it a shot for an episode or two. (Series Premiere October 5)

9 p.m. - Cold Case - (CBS) According to insiders at Bruckheimer's production company, this sixth season will take the show in a cyclical journey back to the roots of the first season, which can only be a positive thing since so many procedurals have strayed of late and gotten too deeply involved with their character's personal drama. Though, I'm sure there will still be some of that, with the growing love-hate relationship between Rush (Kathryn Morris) and Eddie Saccardo (Bobby Cannavale). I just hope there are plenty of period pieces dating farther back than the early 2000s that last year brought us... and maybe even another episode set to the music of one artist. Is it too much to ask for some sort of lost love case to be set to Mariah? (Season Premiere September 28)

9 p.m. - Desperate Housewives - (ABC) Last season I flipped back and forth between Cold Case and Housewives, depending on how invested I was in any given character arc at the moment, but I always found myself interested enough to then log onto the next morning and watch the episode in full. This year, the ladies of Wisteria Lane will be launched five years into the future; their kids will have a touch of SORAS, despite this being a nighttime drama, and many of their disposable men will have been, well, disposed of. Though we will learn a lot of what got the ladies to where they are in the first episode (or so Marc Cherry says), there is still room for plenty of surprises and mystery along the way, especially considering the addition of Neil McDonough, who only ever plays sinister characters. (Season Premiere September 28)

9 p.m. - Dexter - (SHO) Though I admit I watch this show On Demand, I felt the need to offer it to you in its original timeslot because it truly is worthy of appointment viewing. I just got hooked on it late and find it more fun to watch episodes in chunks, back-to-back. Since the show airs on a progressive station, every season promises to deliver huge changes, and this third season starts off with a bang when Dexter (Michael C. Hall) breaks his own (and seemingly only) rule about his victims. Whether it's intentional or accidental is not yet known, but it sets him spiraling down a path that is both dangerous and exciting. The cast additions of Jimmy Smits and Kristin Dattlilo are not too shabby, either! (Season Premiere September 28)

10 p.m. - Entourage - (HBO) A few days ago I dedicated a whole article to how I feel this show is stuck in a mundane rut of the rise and fall of a star who is not even all that likeable, and yet I still watch. True, I watch it On Demand, so I don't have to pay for HBO, but it's hard to completely give up a show you have followed for the past four years. This season will prove to be much of the previous, except E (Kevin Connolly) has upgraded his wardrobe and now looks like a mini-me to Jeremy Piven's Ari. The season is also boasting some big guest stars, which is really the only thing that has kept my attention: Mark Wahlberg's follow-up cameo as himself, Tony Bennett who will be dueting with Leighton Meester, the ladies of The View as Drama (Kevin Dillon) finally gets some acclaim, Ryan Eggold returns as a Five Towns cast member, and Bow Wow finally steps into an adult role as a young stand-up comic trying to get a movie or TV deal (though his purpose in the first episode was mostly to sit next to E and look concerned that he has been in L.A. for months and still doesn't have a job or a car). Oh yeah, and the soundtrack's still pretty bangin.' (Season Premiere Tonight)

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Kate, Dating in LA said...

My Sunday nights also have the potential to be crazy. The jury is still out for me on True Blood. There was intrigue, but I'm not sure. I've decided I might hate Entourage now. Other than Ari, Lloyed, his wife (well, anything to do with Ari, really) and possibly E, I just am not enjoying these guys. I want to watch the Hollywood work aspects, not just watch Vince get laid (who I just don't find appealing anymore at all). I'm sooooo excited for Dexter (!!!!), and I've heard from previewers that Californication is even better this year. Of course, I'm also completely smitten with Mad Men. Add Sunday night football to this, and I will not be making plans on a Sunday night until February. Who needs a social life? ;)