Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Fall Schedule: Wednesday Nights...

8 p.m. - The New Adventures of Old Christine - (CBS) No one was more surprised than me when I first turned on Julia Louis-Dreyfus' second solo adventure on just a whim-- an evening in the middle of its first (mid) season run when whatever I normally watched at the time was taking a week off-- and found myself actually laughing out-loud despite any so-called Seinfeld curse and the fact that CBS is not known for cutting edge sitcoms. I was hooked ever since and have even added the first two seasons' DVD box sets to my Amazon Wishlist. This year, they are pulling out all of the stops, including making both Meanie Moms pregnant and marrying off both Barb and Christine... to each other. Always sardonic with just the right amount of pop culture and political references, this fourth season might just be the best, if but the most ridiculously ostentatious. But really, that's the exact reason we fell in love with Christine in the first place. (Season Premiere September 24)

9 p.m. - Project Runway - (Bravo) Though I've been watching this program since the summer, I'm not going to abandon it just because the main networks have resumed with original (scripted) programming. The contestants have dwindled down, but the challenges haven't gotten any less fascinating or creative, and even J.Lo being announced as the special guest judge for the Fashion Week finale can't deter my interest at this point! Besides, this is the last season the show will be on Bravo, and I have this horrible habit of just forgetting about the one show I currently watch on Lifetime (Army Wives), so I'm not all that optimistic I'll be better at remembering when that number doubles to two programs. (Next New Episode Tonight)

9:30 p.m. - Do Not Disturb - (FOX) I love the Reno 911 kids so much, I subscribe to all of their web series, and I even occassionally catch Clean House, so needless to say I planned to follow Niecy Nash to Fox ever since I first read the casting announcements for this show about the quirky personalities working at a hip Manhattan hotel, so I will not be detered by all of the negative reviews I have read calling this show stereotypical, full of caricatures, and just plain unfunny. I know Jerry O'Connell is hit or miss, and Molly Stanton is best when she doesn't open her mouth, but I have to believe the first two Jason Bateman directed episodes have to at least have some style. After those, though, if the show doesn't make me laugh, I will sadly have to check out. (Series Premiere Tonight)

10 p.m. - South Park - (COM) It's so hard to keep track of when the fourth graders in Colorado will return to make us laugh so hard we cry and reminisce about our own adolescence, but its only fitting that they are on schedule with the real world's start of the school season. Though this is technically only the second half of the twelfth season that began last year, the number of episodes may be abbreviated, but the quality most certainly won't be. After all, Matt Stone and Trey Parker are always out to top themselves, and after episodes like "Canada on Strike" and "Britney's New Look," it's almost impossible to know where their witty but crude little minds will go next. I only hope they at least do one episode regarding the election; it is perfect timing, after all. (Next New Episode October TBD)

10 p.m. - The Island - (MTV) I love trashy TV, and I am not ashamed to admit it in the slightest, and this season's Real World/Road Rules Challenge proves to be no different than (what feels like decades of) years past. Though it has been quite some time since I've caught a series of Road Rules and since I watched Real World XX: Hollywood after taking a four or five season break, many of the castmembers are strangers to me, but my faves Derrick, Kenny, and Johnny Bananas are back, as is troublemaker (and perpetual spotlight whore) Tanya. Though I'm slightly disappointed that the majority of the spoiled, pampered reality personalities were Challenge virgins when they were literally stranded on a deserted island and pitted against each other (therefore its easier for them to adapt, and I would have given anything to see what Beth would do walking-- or should I say swimming-- into a situation completely unlike anything she ever experienced and therefore could expect), I think it might be safe to say that even without Coral, this might be the best Challenge yet. (Series Premiere Tonight)

10 p.m. - Top Design - (Bravo) After the show boasted a revamping, I expected more than just a new host, but I never had a problem with the original formula, so therefore, this second season is just as interesting. With designers who range from the self-taught to those who have already been featured in magazines and worked with A-List clientele to those who are starting over in a new career like the fashion designer or Rick Schroeder's wife, the personalities are just colorful as the color swatches. Plus, this season they make the designers work with a budget: no more of this five thousand dollar lamp and nine thousand dollar table purchasing from the Pacific Design Center! It's a little more HGTV, and therefore much more accessible. (Next New Episode Tonight)

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