Friday, September 19, 2008

A Saved By The Bell Reunion On TNT...

TNT has its new legal drama, Raising the Bar, on demand which means I've actually been able to catch the show (I can never figure out when things are on channels I don't normally watch; I'm one of those who needs the constant intra-network ads to remind me!), and although the plotlines have been pretty mundane this far, the one interesting thing has been how things seem to come full circle. On the show, characters constantly relive the same events (for Jerry Kellerman, it means getting thrown into contempt) and see the same people (for the court assistant bedding the judge, it's the bartender he hooked up with not-so-discreetly cornering him in the court hallway after getting brought in on assault charges), but the actors are also experiencing a blast from their past, too. While Mark-Paul Gosselaar walks the hallowed halls of the New York City court system now, he spent the better part of his youth walking the halls at Bayside High on Saved by the Bell. Ironically, in the second episode of Raising the Bar, he was joined by fellow Bayside alumn, Lindsay Wagner, aka Natalie Cigliuti (although she was of The New Class and is callng herself Natalia now). What was funny about her entrance was how Mark-Paul's Jerry snapped his head up from his mounds of paperwork to look her up and down, as if he knew her from somewhere but couldn't quite place her. It was undoubtedly an unintentional reflex for him as an actor, but for true, devoted fans, we all knew the deeper reasoning behind it: she would have been a freshmen when he was a senior, after all, so he most definitely should recognize her.

Natalie Then Natalia Now

Mark-Paul Then Mark-Paul Now

Oh yeah, and the Raising the Bar website is way more fun than the show itself. It even features an interactive "Style Jerry's Hair" game, capitalizing on what's been making headlines about the show.

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