Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Open Letter To My Friends With Potentially Deep Pockets...

Dear Friends Who Might Make More Than I Know:

Bring me your bored, your underappreciated, your PAs and cubicle dwellers who long for more...

A few years ago, when I first graduated from USC and was looking to "officially" start my career, I applied for a job as an Associate Producer at The TV Guide Channel. Probably because my resume was stacked with titles of which they had never heard, I did not get the job, let alone an interview. However, throughout the years, I have kept one close eye on entertainment job sites and boards for their name, assuming it was a place at which I was destined to end up, if for no other reason than my simple love of all things television and the fact that they get to dabble in it all. They're like E!, but I wouldn't have to sell my soul.

When I took my day job at TVN and was handed the TV Guide account, I felt it was fate. I could keep an eye on all of the programs and specials to which perhaps I could send my resume, now with the inside track of understanding not only their content, but also their production/pitch schedule. Today I read that the TV Guide Channel is reportedly up for sale. They are asking $400 million and since they have really great current circulation, will undoubtedly be purchased by a big corporate conglomerate. Needless to say, I can't let that happen! Corporations are cold, but more importantly they are filled with agenda! Once Bravo bought TelevisionWithoutPity.com, they changed-- and no one likes change! The idea that I should work there coupled with the fact that I've always wanted to control what goes on air (all Jensen all the time-- at least one night a week! And I promise you, I'll get his name right!) has led to me to only one conclusion: I need to buy the TV Guide Channel.

But I cannot do it without some help. I am willing to forgo buying a condo and donate my down payment toward the purchase of this company if others are willing to chip in with me. I can promise an even partnership, split equally among however many investors we bring on board, as well as window offices, a company iPhone, and lunch from CPK every Friday on the company. I know some of you must be making more than you let on and therefore have some spare cash lying around. I know many of you are bored with your current jobs and starting to put feelers out there anyway, and let's face it: who wants to work for any old boss when you can be your own boss? And I also know that most of you, too, dream of seeing programming you created viewed by millions all across the country: well, now is your chance! It won't just be Stars in their Eyes, Kate Dating, and Define Justice; I will hear and consider any and all pitches, in addition to hiring some new, fresh talent for the already existing programming that is highly rated enough to warrant keeping around.

Or if that's not really motivation enough, let me just assure you that "Our plan is good... and if we all just stick together... Hey; if anyone has a right to have a complete meltdown right now, it's me, but right now I don't have the time because right now you morose motherf*ckers are going to get off your ass and get ready to roll!

So, who's with me!?" :D

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Jaime said...

If only I could. Seriously.

PS: I'll be in LA for Halloween. Big party. You're SO invited. Amanda will have all the details at some point, but I'll make sure you get them as well. Me and you? We need to hang out.