Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An Open Letter To TPTB At How I Met Your Mother...

Dear Carter and Craig:

For four years I have tuned into your show and found myself laughing out loud at unexpected places. That surprised me, so I kept coming back, and for the most part I loved what I found. Sure, the tricycle episode of last year felt unnecessary and a little like your success had gone to your heads and now you could just write about whatever "cool" single guy thing you wanted, ignoring the fact that that was a story no dad should ever tell his children. But you saved yourselves with the Barney/Robin revelation and the intervention episode that aired last week. You were back on track. You were making the funny once again, and though everyone assumed it was too early on to actually meet the mother, and therefore Stella couldn't possibly be her, we still wanted to watch and see how it all played out.

And then last night happened. And from the first few minutes when Stella admitted to Ted over an awkward dinner with her little sister that she had waited years for her ex to get ready for marriage and he just never did, we all knew how the episode and therefore their relationship arc would end. In fact, those reading this letter right now know exactly how it will end, just from that one sentence. It was clear; it was obvious; it was set up nicely. And then it just became painful.

I know this is your first show, but at four years in, you can no longer be thought of as newbs, and therefore, you can't pull the "green" card in excuse for your ridiculous flashbacks to explain what Robin saw on the ferry back to Manhattan. Your show is not Lost; we do not walk away confused at the end of every episode, despite the "mystery" at the center. Did you honestly think we had forgotten something that happened less than twenty minutes ago? Did you honestly think we were too dumb (or perhaps drunk after playing a drinking game with the excessive amount of "exes shouldn't come to weddings" lines of dialogue?) to understand the greater meaning? Show your viewers, and yourselves, a little respect, and we'll be more inclined to stick around... even though we'll probably have to endure another unsuccessful try of the Ted/Robin relationship, and no one wants that!

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