Thursday, November 6, 2008

Always A Day Late And A Dollar Short...

I don't usually post personal stories on this website because it's just not the forum for that, but I was recently sent an email by a close, personal friend who just happens to be a close, family friend of one Mr. Jensen Ackles, and I can't help but share with you what I have found out. But first a little of my own personal backstory, so you can understand why this is such a disappointment (don't worry; he's not getting married or anything-- if that were the case, no explanation would be necessary; y'all would know just exactly why I was disappointed!).

A few weeks ago I got into a pretty bad car accident. No one was hurt except for a few cuts and bruises, thankfully, but my car was considered a total loss because it was a few years old already and had a lot of frame damage. The insurance company cut me a check, and two Saturdays ago I went to buy a new car. I ended up with a 2009 Honda Accord Coupe. I like it; I don't love it, but I really wanted to drive off the lot that day in something. I didn't want to have to keep shopping around and driving my stupid rental car for weeks on end. Little did I know, though, that if I had just managed to have a little more patience (not something I'm known for, by the way!), I could have had a car driven by Jensen Ackles!

No, not the infamous Chevy Impala from Supernatural-- that beauty isn't going anywhere until the show comes to an end (which, let's all hope, won't be for another few years), but Jensen's own, personal vehicle has been put up for sale on eBay, and a portion of the proceeds will go to charity. It was purchased brand new in 2004, and since he is shooting up in Canada so many months of the year, I guess he just doesn't need it. Now, since I know the who this notice is coming from, I can vouch for its legitimacy, but I bet Jensen would be willing to throw in a photo or two of himself in the car to prove it was really his, as well.

So... anyone want to buy a brand new (less than 300 miles) '09 Honda Accord Coupe?

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