Monday, November 3, 2008

Dexter's Not The Only One With A "Dark Passenger" (S3, Ep6)...

At only the halfway mark for the shortened cable season, Dexter has already started to bore me. Perhaps it is because when I write in-depth recaps of the episodes, I am forced to nitpick over the shortcomings to the point where I start to question what was wrong with me all those months ago when I first sat down to watch the second season back to back in only a few days and became obsessed with the show (and really, when I think about it, the first season disappointed me, too, but I thought that was because I watched it out of order), but it has become painfully obvious just how repetitive the show is. And since I hate repeating myself (especially in expressing opinion), I have decided to edit my recaps so they are merely summaries: anything else at this point is just going to take the fun out of watching the show and make me resent committing to writing these articles. That disclaimer duly noted, I will now begin with "Si Se Puede."

Dex-Bot finally takes Jimmy Smits out on his boat, in a very "Come on, Dad; it's a rite of passage" sort of way, and they bond over gutting fish while Jimmy Smits pries about what it felt like for Dex-Bot to kill Wife Killer with his bare hands. Dex-Bot frets over whether or not Jimmy Smits really understands him, and his visions of Harry warn him to be careful because Jimmy Smits could easily turn on him. It's as if Dex-Bot is using Harry as an extension of himself: as if his own sense of logic is coming out in a manifested form because he's still the somewhat unsure kid who needs another, older being to set him down the right path. Dex-Bot tests Jimmy Smits by telling him about a guy who has been in the court system ever since killing a girl a few years ago; Dex-Bot opens up that this guy's crime was the first case he ever caught, and he hasn't been able to get it out of his head since then; he clearly doesn't feel the guy has gotten his due.

Deb, in full-on tears for the first time in a long time (and all that tearing up and then stopping up has clearly taken a toll as now her face just contorts involuntarily), announces that their latest skinned victim is none other than Wen-dell, and true to form, his entire chest is missing, as if the killer is beginning to be able to stomach more and more of his gruesome act, and he has started taking a little more each time. Deb somehow manages to connect the fact that the last two victims were seen with her being questioned in the Pheebo case-- with Ramone walking through the office as Wen-dell was sitting at her desk-- and she proposes that she follow Ramone because although he is a cop, he is also a loose cannon hell-bent on getting vengance for his brother. Though Batista can't officially agree, he lets her know he's okay with her unofficially following the guy. And of course she does, to the point where she catches him throwing some guy into the trunk of his car, and she immediately calls it in.

Rita and Wifey spend some time together discussing girly things, and Wifey offers her a job in real estate, which in theory sounds perfect for a new mom because she can make her own hours and take on only as many clients as she wants, but as Dex-Bot points out later, the economy and the market is so bad, houses just sit empty for months and months. Bad for Rita's new business maybe, but good for Dex-Bot's.

Desperate to prove what a good friend he is (and how much he loooves him), Jimmy Smits goes to visit Dex-Bot's Lost Opportunity in a ruse to get the guy out of prison. He's a racist, so the minute Dex-Bot breaks in to bust him out, he trusts him because he's just another white man. Unfortunately part of the plan goes awry when a Baliff tries to enter the room to tag the prisoner, only to find no one's in there. Jimmy Smits has to alert the authorities and tell them not to let anyone in or out without checking their vehicles, to which Dex-Bot's heart starts to beat a little faster as he wonders if he's going to be double-crossed. He slips the needle into Lost Opportunity's neck and whispers: "How's that for white power?" just in time for Jimmy Smits to pull up in his huge SUV, though, providing the getaway.

Deb manages to make it all the way to and inside the C.I.'s apartment as she asks him if he told anyone about her interviewing the people she did in Pheebo's case, and he says he doesn't talk to anyone about anything because it would be bad for him if people knew he worked with the cops. That makes sense, but he certainly snitches to the cops enough, so why would she believe he wouldn't snitch to anyone else? She and Hot Cop follow Ramone and watch him torture the dude with a soda bottle (I'm still not quite sure what he was doing-- something about spraying the carbonated crater directly in the guy's mouth). Sadly they realize that although he's certainly certifiable, he's not their skinning killer.

Batista asks Kristin Dattilo out on a date, and she declines at first, but then after testing him by getting a real hooker to offer him a freebie (he passes the test, though he does give the girl money which could be misconstrued for paying for services anyway), she tells him okay: they can go eat, but she still doesn't consider it a date. She's a tough cookie... for now. Something tells me they're going to crack her shell pretty soon because the women on this show are all victims-- whether they end up dead or not. Batista also has to admit to Girlfriend that he knew about Deb following Ramone, but he didn't want to bring it to her until he had something concrete. Right now Ramone is out in a squad car, being watched over by a "discreet" officer (something tells me there will be an arc in the next episode where he has blabbed to some tabloid. After all, things are awfully drawn out this season; it took five episodes for Masuka to stop talking about his stupid article!). Hot Cop says he would have made him do a full perp walk, but Deb wanted to show some respect to his family. She softens a little at his "make nice" gesture and tells him that I.A. is looking into him. He's not surprised; apparently he and Ruthie had "a history," and he gives Deb an almost sinister look that leads me to think Ramone isn't the only certifiable guy with a badge, and Ruthie may end up as a skinning victim by the season's end.

Speaking of Ruthie, surprisingly Deb had the best scene in this episode when she cursed Ruthie out in the parking lot of the station because for once she just let the expletives fly out of a place of anger and rage, and she seemed strong and together.

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