Friday, November 7, 2008

Doesn't Anyone Read My Blog?...

I do not understand how, between nine model-slash-singer-slash-actors who are all such fame wh*res they would be willing to risk syphilis, herpes, and crabs by swapping spit (to say the least) with the likes of Bret Michaels, they do not know a fellow actress when they see her. On this Sunday's Rock of Love: Charm School with Sharon Osbourne, Sharon brings a "duchess" to the mansion as one of the chicks' assignments. They are to greet her by her full name every time they speak with her, never turn their back on her as she makes her way around the room, and eat exactly at her pace at the dinner table. The thing is, even if these chicks are dumb enough to believe actual royalty would be willing to appear on such an atrocity, they should recognize Patricia Place! These chicks may not be classy enough to care about independent film, but Patricia has been on mainstream lowest common denominator programming like Desperate Housewives (just drama-filled enough for these chicks to take notes on) and The Sarah Silverman Program (perhaps the only show cruder than the one these chicks are on themselves!), not to mention dozens of previous network hits. And she has been mentioned right here on my blog when I spotted her out and about in Los Angeles just about this time last year. Even with a big hat slung low over her brow, wouldn't you recognize her? I mean Vh1 didn't even give her a big prosthetic nose or chin!

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