Wednesday, November 12, 2008

High Fashion Is More High Drama Than High Brow...

Today I stumbled across a gem that is The CW's newest fashion-related reality show: Stylista. I wrote about this show when I covered the new fall schedule, but my advice then was to skip it, and though my intention was always to tune in anyway and see if my snap judgment was correct, somehow it fell by the wayside of my mind as I never saw any small screen ads reminding me when it was premiering.

However, now that I've found it, I can never let it go. What I love most about Stylista is that the contestants are so openly vicious with each other; they are all young (early twenties) and savvy enough with this industry (one girl boasts a resume of being a production assistant, one guy is a model, and another is a freelance writer) that they know how to outdo all other reality shows currently on television and instead of simply talking about each other behind their backs, their confrontations are full-on, intense, and in-your-face. For example, in the fourth episode, "Shop It Like It's Hot," one contestant in particular, twenty-two year old Megan, calls out another contestant, nineteen year old NYU student Devin simply for being so young that she can't possibly have enough fashion experience to deserve the grand prize. It is so presumptuous but more so simply absurd since they are only a few years apart.

Then I went back and watched the pilot episode, where all of the contestants came together in the workspace for the first time, and in typical fashion form, sized each other up. But again, instead of just interviewing their Mean Girls commentary, they say it aloud, not exactly to each other (reserving some tact considering they had only known each other for about four minutes at this point, and while that may be enough to save the world, it's not enough to know who will cut ya!), but snidely in front of each other to the person sitting next to them. For example, one girl is wearing a low-cut blouse, and her boobs are practically falling out on the table, so of course someone (turns out to be Megan) makes a comment about how girls with fake boobs are just big ole headcases. Or something of the like. And then they officially nickname her "boobs." It's like no one has a filter anymore, and I love it!

And I have to admit, when those contestants in the bottom of the week's challenge stand before the judges awaiting to hear who "doesn't fit," each and every time I hope instead Anne will say "Take your sad little muffin out of it's drawer and go." Maybe, just maybe one of these days she will ;) and in anticipating that moment, it looks like I found something new to watch on Wednesdays at nine!

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