Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Are Some Celebrity Greeting Cards...

Another Christmas season has come and gone all too quickly, and I must admit it was a disappointing one for a variety of reasons. Now, I know this is only my second year writing this website, but I feel like in the past twelve months I have truly stepped up my game and diversified my portfolio, so to speak, with the topics I cover and individuals about whom I write. In doing so, I know I did not have the opportunity to devote as many gushing fan girl blogs as I did in 2007 about Ms. Mariah Carey, but I wrote a few exclusive pieces, and they were always extraordinarily positive, so what does a girl have to do to get on the holiday card mailing list?!

Now, I'm not expecting to get added to the president's own list of special few to whom to send his personal greeting and warm wishes at these festive times (though now that Barack is about to be sworn in, I have four years to try for that slightly larger goal, too), but if the sleazebag Harvey Levin gets personal cards, how come I get stuck with an empty mailbox?? No baked goods, no network or studio swag, no lump of coal, and now not even a card to say thanks for all of your kind words throughout the year? I offer free publicity, people; I don't think it's too much to ask for a $1.99 card and a $0.42 stamp!

I guess I have a goal for 2009 now-- a resolution, if you will-- to get on some celebrities' mailing lists in the new year!

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