Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bromance: A MTV Premiere In Photos...

The MTV premiere of Bromance, in photos. It was hard to find the right words to describe how I felt about a program that featured fraternity-like hazing, a contestant who was much more infatuated fan, the top prize of not only Mr. Brody Jenner's BFF-dom but also a kick-ass bachelor pad, and eight guys in a hot tub ending the night with a little booze and an elimination... so I let these images speak for themselves.

Who has two thumbs and is the meathead of the
competition? This guy!

Let the gag games begin!

Chris P. really looks like the president of a fraternity!
Here he is out on Hollywood Blvd, trying to scrounge
up skanks to attend Brody's lingerie party.

Gary (who reminds me of this guy Al with whom
I went to college), was the life of the party and makes
me think my friend Michelle is onto something
for being into geeky guys. He's the only normal
one there, and the only one vaguely attractive
because of it!

And Brody liked Gary's toast, too.

So Luke may have worn a "Spencer is a douchebag"
shirt to kiss up to Brody, but Jacob and his hat are
the real douchebags of this show.

Michael quits the show after one night
(and getting his opportunity to give Brody his
birthday card) because "this isn't like The Hills."

I think this epitomizes why my boss thinks
watching this show will call into question his
"guy" card... And why I love it!

Bye bye, douchey hat boy!

This show appeared to be marketed as the male version of Paris' BFF, but it is So! Much! More! Stay tuned next week when I begin my full recaps!


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Michelle said...

Thanks for the shout-out...and remember Geek is the new black! Everyone should try it! (actually no wait..don't..then they'll be none left for me!)