Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Saw Danielle Kissing ______ ...

It is the week of the office Christmas party. The one day out of the year when you and your co-workers throw all shame, decorum, and those pesky sexual harassment pamphlets, out the window for a few hours of spiked eggnog, fun with the photocopier, and sloppily honest declarations (of disgust and enamoration). And while it is practically set in stone that mistletoe will be hung from the tops of the cubicles with care, the prospects might not be looking so good-- not unless you happen to be in the film and television industry, anyway. What I wouldn't give to be at that holiday party and get caught under the mistletoe with any of the following guys!

Despite getting caught by the paparazzi while urinating in public and a bomb of a film in The Happening, Mark Wahlberg had a pretty good year. He made a well-received cameo on his hit HBO comedy Entourage and transformed into an action hero once again for Max Payne. Add to that the spoofing of himself on Saturday Night Live to prove he really does have a sense of humor and doesn't take himself too seriously, and the fact that he still puts his family first, even after all of these years in the bright lights of Hollywood, and all of the other stuff slides away; it is easy to get lost in his sparkling hazel eyes, knowing you could still wash clothes on the abs he now sadly keeps covered up by designer tees and button-down dress shirts.

Neil Patrick Harris is hot whether he's doning a long white lab coat and black rubber goggles or just a pair of dress socks and an iPhone as "The Naked Man" (was it me, or was CBS testing the censors with that scene?) It's hard to believe our little Doogie has grown up so... buffly. Though, sadly, kissing him will do much more for me than it would for him, but that David Burtka is a lucky guy!

Michael C. Hall has mastered portraying a disaffected man with no true emotional connection to any other person, even his fiance. He's versatile-- as an actor but also with his sense of style, making him something of a chameleon with a little something for everyone. If you fancy the geeks, throw a pair of specs on him; if you go for the WASPs, put him in a cotton button-down, a pair of khakis, and sandals; and if jocks are your thing, toss him a football and tackle him in jeans and a tee. His careful precision executing even the most intricate tasks as Dexter Morgan, Miami forensics detective by day and moonlighting evening serial killer, shows he focuses on every detail, none too small. Such intensity surely must translate over into passion under the mistletoe. Plus, have you caught his recent bedroom scenes? The man is ripped!

John Legend has the nimble fingers of a trained pianist and a smooth soulful voice any woman would want serenading her with the holiday classics like "Baby Please Come Home" or "Let It Snow." He has never been afraid to bare all on his albums, singing out about love and heartbreak, but his recent star turn on Stephen Colbert's Comedy Central Holiday Special showed his softer side without being sensitive. He sang a jovial song about nutmeg, showcasing his musical versatility and sense of humor, and managed to rock a state trooper uniform.

Maybe it's because his character of Turtle finally grew up a bit this season and actually took a job (even if it was only as Drama's assistant, and he only lasted a day), but Jerry Ferrara has actually emerged as a contender for the best catch among the boys of Entourage. Though despite having the scruff factor, he may not fit my typical "type," he does have a great smile, warm eyes, and he genuinely seems like a sweet, nice guy. And sometimes you just want to reward those nice guys for their good behavior, you know?

And of course this list wouldn't be complete without a mention of Jensen Ackles. No explanation is necessary (especially if you know me); his face (and body... and hair... and sense of style...) speaks for itself.

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