Monday, December 15, 2008

Judgment Day (S3, Ep12-- The Finale)...

The season finale, "Do You Take Dexter Morgan?," opens on a close-up of Jimmy Smits, lying dead in a grassy field, with a chunk of skin missing from his neck, to signify the Tree Skinner has been there-- or at least was framed. Dex-Bot arrives to begin processing the scene, and he spots Ramone staring him down from the parking lot. Though Batista tells him he understands if he wants to take a pass on this one, being that they were BFFs, and all, Dex-Bot insists he can handle it. And he has to, to ensure everything he wants to happen will. Ramone threatens him as he pushes Jimmy Smits' body into the truck, but he insists they both want the same thing.

Rita, too, is worried about Dex-Bot, who hasn't even written all of his vows yet!, and she casually tells him her mother is not coming to the wedding, though she sent a card that said "Third time's the charm." Though Rita says she is referring to the baby, which makes her the worst grandmother ever, Dex-Bot's suspicions are piqued, and he wonders if she has just lied to him. Just? They've been dating for three years; this can't be the first time! She worries about Wifey, who Dex-Bot visits only after learning his apartment was broken into, in order to find out Ramone's whereabouts. He has gone on a bender since the funeral, though, and Dex-Bot has to call up one of his cop buddies to try to get the dirt. He pretty much figures Ramone is out for his blood now that he has lost both his brothers-- even if he doesn't know Dex-Bot is responsible for both of them turning up dead.

The department has been given a blank check until they catch the Tree Skinner, and Batista uses this opportunity to shuffle some of the funds away for Deb's raise-- you know, the one that comes along with her promotion to Detective. Um, WTF? She wants to celebrate with Dex-Bot but ends up stopping by her mole in the records room first, who hasn't found much yet considering the sheer volume of people Harry knew. Uh oh, sounds like she knows a little bit more than she's willing to say!

Dex-Bot investigates Rita under her maiden name and in the county she grew up and turns up an old marriage certificate from when she was sixteen-- and a divorce one from six months later. Looks like Dex-Bot himself is the third, and the charm? Girlfriend interrupts his work to whine some more about how she can't believe the "true Jimmy Smits" and wants to go public. Dex-Bot calms her down and tells her she can't do that to his family or their community. She asks him how she can live with the secret, but he says "you just do." Wow, aren't you helpful!? Is that how you answer Cody and Astor's questions, too? "Dex-Bot, where do babies come from?" "They just do."

Deb runs into the C.I. in the precinct parking lot, and she tells him about her new shield. It's all very awkward, where they each start to say something at the same time and then both back off. Thankfully, it's also quite quick. When she heads back inside, silently kicking herself, Batista accosts her in the hall and says "they" are requesting phone logs, and he read them and can't believe she didn't at least give him the heads up with what was in them. Who knows what will happen with this little investigation now that Jimmy Smits is off it!? She flips it around on him when he says he wants full disclosure to Girlfriend, though, and asks him if he disclosed how he really met Kristin Dattilo. I guess Deb still chats with her hooker pals-- mabye they have a book club or something that we're not privy to see. She can't hold in the tears when she immediately apoligizes, though; I hope the shield also comes with a set of balls. To his credit, though, Batista marches right into Girlfriend's office and lays his cards on the table, but she just tells him to keep his skeletons in the closet, and they'll be fine.

Dex-Bot, meanwhile, is tailing Ramone, checking bar after bar, making nice with the (many) local alcoholics, but later, after he gets the kids from school (who want to know what they should call him after he and Rita marry), he notices someone following him. He speeds up; the guy runs a red; the red light camera goes off; and the car causes an accident, but he-- not Ramone but the Tree Skinner--'s okay to walk away, so Dex-Bot moves on... for now. He and Rita go out to dinner, and he tries to dig up the answers on her real first wedding, but of course Ramone shows up... and then pulls a gun in front of everyone and threatens him. Dex-Bot tries to talk him down, but Deb pulls her own gun on him, and Batista takes him down.

Deb has no luck with the Tree Skinner's employers, but she gets the red light camera photo because the car that ran it was reported stolen (probably from one of those very helpful employers' blocks), and it's the Tree Skinner. Man, they are really wrapping this stuff up fast in the last few episodes!

Dex-Bot is waiting for Ramone in the prison, where the guards tell Dex-Bot to go by the book because this one's a lieutenant. Ramone is bitchy because he's sober for the first time in a week, and he tells Dex-Bot Jimmy Smits brought him on as a bodyguard to protect him from him. Jimmy Smits didn't give him a reason, though, so Dex-Bot just says he was paranoid, and he points out that no one, not even Wifey, knew where he was off in the night. Ramone says that until Dex-Bot came into his life everything was fine, but Dex-Bot points out that was not true-- look at the first dead brother who was on drugs; look at how he enjoyed pushing their father down the stairs. Ramone says that was actually something he did, and Jimmy Smits just took it from him to make it a part of his "star" story. He also says that all of the kidnappings and brutality cases against him were just him sweeping up after his brother-- risking his ass, as it were-- to cover him and his. Dex-Bot relates; he couldn't help his brother, after all. Then he talks of the sins of the father passing onto the children-- Ramone's children don't know where he is and are just going about normal days while he rots in jail, even though he is surprisingly convinced he'll be out soon. Dex-Bot just wanted to pull him down, though.

Masuka finds a tobacco leaf in the stolen car, and Deb and Hot Cop remember the Tree Skinner owns a cigar company, so they take off for it, hoping they will find him hiding out there. Of course no one there says they saw him, though, and Deb and Hot Cop return in five seconds flat with nothing.

Harry is with Dex-Bot as he dresses in his suit for the wedding, tying his tie the way that would make his "mother so proud." Something about a rabbit and a fox and a hole-- like how you teach a three year old to tie their shoes. Dex-Bot takes a few steps toward maturity but then always regresses. He leaves, calm, and almost floating, ready to get married-- and walks right into the Tree Skinner's waiting outstretched tire iron. Whap!

Deb heads into the office on a Saturday, and Masuka is there reanalyzing the evidence from the car. Deb's mole in records has dropped off the C.I. files from her father, but she doesn't get to see Dex-Bot's mom's photo because Girlfriend calls her into her office (doesn't anyone just want a day to themselves at the beach???) to discuss what Batista spilled about her own C.I. She tells her that it doesn't have to be her case if she wants to continue seeing him. I guess with one kept secret, it's even easier to load up on another and another and another. Maybe in season four, she's going to go rogue, too! Instead, she just passes Deb her new badge. As annoying as she is, she works just as hard, so she has earned the bump up. They celebrate with cupcakes ("what's important"-- "abso-fucking-lutely!").

The Tree Skinner has tied Dex-Bot to a table, fully clothed, and with no plastic wrap set around him. Harry appears and admits he has been scared of a violent end for him ever since the beginning, and as Dex-Bot stares up into the air at the face he imagines there, he realizes he wants to be apart of his son's life; he wants to be there to raise him with Rita, and he has never felt anything like this before. He forgives Harry, and he wants to live. And even if he didn't come to that revelation, he still would get to do all of those things because it is his name that is the title of the show. So this is not nearly as interesting or "turning point" a moment as it should be.

Deb shows up at the C.I.'s house and insults him-- calling him "unambitious" and "like Valium," but it is in her way that she knows to tell him that's her way of saying she wants to be with him. He calls her "Redbull." She admits she gave up a case-- this huge case-- for him, and just then Masuka calls her to tell her the cigar company recently moved. Of course she picked up the call, and of course she asks him where they moved. Damn, girl, stop biting!

Dex-Bot knows the Tree Skinner is like him, in need of control, so he decides to take it away from him by admitting to everything he did to Pheebo-- in painstaking detail. It seems he really gets a sick pleasure out of spilling his metaphorical guts, which is only going to come back to bite him next season, I'd assume, even though so far he's only chatted with those who end up dead. Sooner or later he's going to admit something to someone he realizes he can't kill later due to the code. The Tree Skinner doesn't believe him, though, and only hopes Dex-Bot is as talkative when he gets his tools. Instead, Dex-Bot takes the opportunity that he is alone to shimmy the table over and get his hands untied by the flimsy rope (man the Tree Skinner is slippin'!), breaking his hand in the process. They fight, and Dex-Bot breaks his neck with his bare arms as the sirens close in. Dex-Bot has never been so close to being caught by anyone, let alone his sister and her merry band of men, and he throws the Tree Skinner out so it looks like "suicide by cop" when Deb pulls up and runs him over, scraping his skin off, in a very "what goes around comes around" sort of way.

Dex-Bot is late for the wedding because of the broken hand, which he blames on a fall down a flight of stairs. Rita isn't mad because he didn't "break his hand on purpose" (HA! She's funny, that Rita). He sees her in her wedding dress before the ceremony, but it can't be bad luck at this point, can it? Deb helps Dex-Bot tie his tie since he has one bum hand, and she does it the same way he did with Harry earlier. At the alter, all Dex-Bot can say is that he promises to be the "very best" husband and father he can be-- which is perhaps the most honest thing he has ever said to anyone. As he dances with his new wife, he wonders what he can offer a child, and he hallucinates not just Harry now, but his mother, as well, as an ethereal couple of wedding guests. And it wouldn't be true to his form if there wasn't a little blood, as his hand-wound seeps out of his cast and drips down the back of Rita's beautiful white dress. A symbol of what to come for their so-called happy union?

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