Monday, December 1, 2008

Just Kill Him Already! (S3, Ep10)...

Out at a nice restaurant with Jimmy Smits and Wifey, Dex-Bot looks like he wants to reach across the table and stab the man's hand with his fork... but that would cause a scene, and everyone knows Dex-Bot keeps the emotions that he claims he doesn't feel bottled up inside. He reiterates that Jimmy Smits used him, and he is clearly having trouble keeping up pretenses, and so sets up "Go Your Own Way," which is the third to last episode of the season and may be the third to last episode I ever watch... if they keep up this pacing.

Perhaps the best line of the night was Dex-Bot's deadpan "Do we have to serve food at the wedding?" Really, he just doesn't want to accept Jimmy Smits' gift of some big, fancy chef to cater their wedding because, as he finally admits to Rita, "he isn't who I thought he was." Rita picks up on the signal but assumes Dex-Bot just found out that Jimmy Smits is, in fact, cheating on Wifey. She begins to speculate with whom and comes up with Girlfriend (wow, maybe she should be a cop!) because all of the time they've been spending together "going over his dead brother's case" could have rekindled an old flame. When they arrive home, she announces her theory to Deb, who has been babysitting (uh oh, try teaching Cody why he can't drop F-bombs in school tomorrow, Rita; nice parenting!) and who is more interested in the fact that Rita claims Dex-Bot has a best friend. Really, Rita should be more interested in the fact that the C.I. is over, too, but Dex-Bot takes it all in stride, asking if he's Deb's plus one for the wedding.

In the morning, Deb freaks out, as she is prone to do, over the fact that the C.I. fell asleep at her house while watching some penguin movie. Now, they didn't actually sleep together that night, but she's worried the protective detail on his house will figure out where he was when he didn't come home, and it will come out in court and look bad that the cop investigating the Tree Skinner is making it with one of his witness/victims. Oy.

Girlfriend found a suspect in Ellen's murder. If she wasn't such an emotional wreck, she'd probably see that the dude was calling her on the night of her murder probably because he wanted to hook up with her, not kill her. Dex-Bot is afraid she has found a a witness, and when Girlfriend mentions one of her wedding bands was stolen off of her finger (she wore two: one for each ex-husband, which is just classic), Dex-Bot knows Jimmy Smits has it as a trophy. What is it with that man and flashy rings???

Masuka is throwing a party for Dex-Bot, who he calls "Opie" and plans lots of debauchery. Natch. Batista warns him "no hookers" and nothing else illegal, either, or he will arrest him. Buzz-kill because of the new ball and chain. Natch.

While working the phones on the Tree Skinner, Batista gets a Very. Tense. Phonecall. and asks Hot Cop and Deb to cover for him while he skulks out. Turns out Kristin Dattilo is in the hospital, probably attacked on the job while undercover, and has been talking about him. Apparently he "snores like a m*therf*cker." She was followed home and beaten up a bit: he's tall, blond, good-looking, and strong-- like all boy-next-door serial killers. He tells her she won't do this alone but sets her straight about him not actually being a snorer. Cute. But then he holds back the key piece of evidence from the unis stationed outside her room, probably figuring his people can do better. Or maybe he, too, knows about Dex-Bot and wants to become a student to get his own form of revenge. Le sigh.

Dex-Bot is in Jimmy Smits' office, poking around on his computer, and when he is caught by the man himself, he simply says he's "winning" and points to a video game on the screen. Nice use of our language to your advantage, boy genius. Then he proceeds to give Jimmy Smits the most vague clues as to how Ellen's case is "breaking," simply to see his reaction and probably to toy with him the way he feels he has been toyed with. This is one game of cat and mouse that is going nowhere but in circles! Jimmy Smits wants to know what "we" should do, and Dex-Bot actually laughs in his face and says he doesn't want a partner. He tells Jimmy Smits they both have to go back to who they were before all of this... meeting of the minds. When Dex-Bot walks out, thinking "Game over," the whole thing begins to reek of something that only played out in his own mind, but for once, it did not. Maybe things just got interesting.

Girlfriend interviews the Bartender personally-- the dude who she thinks killed Ellen-- but she gets the facts wrong and says that he was the one coming onto her when clearly (from what we saw in the scene of them having drinks) he was not into the cougars. Dex-Bot thinks he looks guilty, and Jimmy Smits, skulking up behind him, seconds that aloud, and mentions that he could be guilty... of something. He clearly wants to eliminate the guy who might be a problem for him, but Dex-Bot says that no one is going to get framed for this. Bartender admits he went to her place even though he has a fiance, but when he rang the bell, no one answered; she wasn't there. Well, she was, but she was probably already dead. Hot Cop pulls Girlfriend out and says security cameras on the bar prove he was busy at the time of her death. He's not her guy, and she should let him go, so now she goes back in and questions him as if he's a witness (read: she softens her tone about there decibels). He tells her about the dark blue or black SUV with "big ass highbeams... no wait, Halogens" that nearly blinded him on the street. She leans forward, intrigued, and seemingly in the know.

Conspiculously sans baby bump, Rita tries on her wedding dress for Wifey. She feels like Cinderella, but for the whole "Disney virgin thing." Ha. Wifey is sad, remembering her wedding day and what has become of her marriage. Way to make her feel like she's doing the right thing in marrying Dex-Bot, chick!

Girlfriend is in the know (how the hell did that happen?)-- and quite combative-- about the key Dex-Bot is testing that doesn't have a case number on it. He decides to keep an eye on her, knowing in her current state, she'd fall for anything Jimmy Smits feeds her, and he will feed her, as others' vulnerability is his own nourishment. Hot Cop, though, turns into a nice guy-- for about five minutes-- by helping Masuka with his party and then advising the C.I. to be aware of how often he's around Deb. Although that riles him up, and they get into a fight because he learns that there was no clerical error about his paperwork after all. He wants to sue the whole damn department! He's just pissed that Deb doesn't seem to take him as seriously as he takes her. Or something. It's kind of a case of forcing a lot of exposition into a four-minute argument, and it's just jumbled in its execution.

Jimmy Smits and Girlfriend get loopy on wine and speak Spanish and about Ellen and about his baby brother. He gets all reminiscent and flirty, and I wonder how much is the loose lips from the liquor and how much is him playing her like he does everyone else around him. I wonder for about five seconds and then realize I just don't really care. They finally kiss, and it's one of those "finally!" moments when you realize you waited for something for so long that when it finally happened, it was much less intense than you had built up in your mind. Him being an adulterer is nothing compared to the developments we've already seen of him as a murderer. Dex-Bot shows up on her door, feigning feeling bad about the case number screw-up, and he winks at Jimmy Smits, as if to say he is always one step ahead of him and won't allow him to drag anyone else into this.

Rita tells Dex-Bot she told Wifey about Jimmy Smits and Girlfriend. Things don't look good, now that he actually has been with Girlfriend all night. Maybe she's the one who finally gets the balls to kill him! Ah a girl can dream... But when Wifey confronts him in front of Girlfriend's house, she brings up how he was out all last Thursday night, and though Girlfriend begins to butt in that he wasn't with her then, Wifey continues to dig the knife in a little deeper, saying that of all people, she should be able to see through his b.s. since she's a cop and all. I concur! Why is it that the inconsequential supporting characters are the only real ones in this show?

Jimmy Smits one-ups Dex-Bot the next morning, though, following him to his usual coffee shop because he's "a creature of habit." Dex-Bot says it wasn't his move to send Wifey over to Girlfriend's. Jimmy Smits plays dirty, wanting to do an "ethics probe" on Deb because he knows about the C.I. He says he'll keep a close eye on it if Dex-Bot keeps a close eye on Ellen's case for him, but he doesn't seem to know what he's getting into. He shows up at Jimmy Smits' house, where no one is home but the housekeeper, and he charms his way in, asking to see Jimmy Smits' den so he can buy him a special, limited edition book of his favorite author as a Best Man present. He needs something that Jimmy Smits can't match-- something that could put him in jail (ie: Ellen's ring)-- so he'll "back off." Or, you know, Dex-Bot could just kill him. I mean, really, Jimmy Smits fits his usual profile: he's a killer, and a killer of the innocent at that, and he disrespected the code! Speaking of which, Harry has been surprisingly absent in this episode. Perhaps it is to symbolize that the boy has finally become a man.

Masuka meets with the head of the party planning/escort service to discuss a theme. He has a crush on her. Natch. She recommends the nautical theme, which unknowingly, is absolutely perfect for Dex-Bot. In the next office over, Dex-Bot hands over the file on the key to Batista, and he surprises himself by getting involved and asking Batista how Kristin Dattilo is doing. He also gives him a little piece of unsolicited advice to leave it all alone, citing that he saw someone "open the door" recently and have trouble coming out the other side. He's not going to get involved if Batista wants to kill this guy... well, not more involved than by playing preacher, I guess. Batista goes after the guy with his baton, but only uses it to scare him into coming into the station with him.

While packing up his stuff, Jimmy Smits realizes his trophy is gone. In its place is a dry cleaning ticket, where he finds his bloodstained shirt returned a bit passively aggressively from Dex-Bot. He threatens him up on the roof of the precinct, and as Dex-Bot walks away, he is shot from a conspiculously high, fuzzy angle. Jimmy Smits calls the Tree Skinner to make sure he got a good look. Game ON!

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