Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Designer, A Prankster, A Renaissance Man...

As if Brody Jenner and MTV weren't already poking enough fun at the "find your soulmate" formula of a reality game show, this week they decided to have a little more fun with the dude contestants on Bromance. Brody "created" some blinged out jeans that appeared to be stolen straight out of Christian Audigier's mind-hole and expects the guys to keep straight faces when they not only compliment him on his "vision" but also end up modeling samples at a red carpet event. And just when you were thinking it can't possibly get any more (I'm sorry but) queer than this, he sends them to a spa first (and he waxes Luke's chest "just because it's funny")! Nothing subtle about Bromance, I tell you: nothing!

So in honor of the picturesque beauty that was this mid-season episode, I must simply offer you a recap in photos because there are no words to describe... well, you'll see:

Ah, Brody; you're so cute when you're
pulling one over on these dumb d-bags!

Little Chris gets into the spa day. Something
tells me this wasn't his first time!

What are you two laughing at? We all know
you were doing that, too, just a minute ago.

And after, I guess.

So, Brody watches on a hidden camera while his dudes get done up in hair and make-up, and the strategically hired prep assistants ask the guys what they really think of Brody's designs. Of course, none of them have two braincells to rub together, so they don't think this might be part of the game. Though they're able to be very p.c. about it ("it's just not my style"), when they come face to face with Brody (or BJ, as he will be forever known in the clothing world!), who is wearing a pair, too, I must add, they backpeddle and say they like them. Femi is the only one to come out and say he doesn't think they're right for Brody's image, and though Brody doesn't break the charade right away, he ends up rewarding (and respecting) Femi's honesty with a trip to Kitson (but no one specified Kitson Men!).

The dudes make fools of themselves on
the red carpet-- but not a bigger fool than
that cutout of the man of the hour himself.

Of course Brody had to throw in some
chicks in bikinis, so part two of the
"challenge" dealt with impressing
two former playmates. The one dude
whose nerves don't get the best of him
(perhaps because he isn't attracted
to members of the opposite sex)
was Little Chris.

Brody steals a page out of Paris' season and
hosts a Japanese-themed elimination. It is
completely random.

Single tear; Alex is going home.

Okay MTV, this humor-filled romp was a nice distraction and all, but I have two warning words for you for next week's episode: MORE BRODY!

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