Wednesday, February 18, 2009

From Daytime To Daily Philanthropy...

When Port Charles went off the air in 2003, Kiko Ellsworth's Jamal made the full-on transformation from man to wolf. He morphed before the eyes of his current lover, giving long-time viewers an ending that was either sweet (assuming he finally felt comfortable enough around her to reveal his true self) or savage (assuming she would fall victim to an animalistic attack). Needless to say, it left me wondering if Ellsworth himself made a transition within his own life or career since that life-changing role.

I found Ellsworth this past week through a mutual friend on Facebook after he tagged her in one of his vlogs, which he seems to post for his family, friends, and fans on a daily basis. Now this could start a whole other tangent for me because so much as been said about Facebook in the news and media lately-- from SNL poking fun at the "25 Random Things" note that circulated to the Today Show talking about the annoyance of friends who update their statuses with every little thing-- but everyone who knows me knows I love the FB (find me! friend me!) because of how easily I can get connected to famous friends of know, so I can keep up with their careers (read: live vicariously through their on-set photo albums). Just by clicking "confirm" instead of "ignore," Ellsworth has given himself direct access to my life, just as he granted me access to his, and in doing so, he will now receive a direct link to this article I am writing about him. It helps me to open up my readership and get eyes on this page who may be able to help me get ahead, but at the same time, it's also a great tool for them to share a little bit of publicity with those who will care but perhaps not seek it out too actively.

What I learned from Ellsworth's Facebook page, then, was that he has gotten married since his soap opera days (he appeared on General Hospital and General Hospital: Night Shift after PC came to an abrupt end), and he and his new wife, fellow actor Christine Carlo, have completed a feature film called Staunton Hill, in which Ellsworth appears on screen but has also produced. Ellsworth will be doing double duty for the feature, I Am, as well, which appears to be another passion project for the actor who is a lot more serious than his days as a man/wolf might allow you to believe. In those ways, Ellsworth has transformed greatly: he is now a family man who is taking control of both his personal and professional life.

Ellsworth's Facebook profile is humble and modest, though, so to understand just how much he has been doing with the past decade, one would have to Google him or visit his IMDb page. Or really just be an avid television watcher. He has appeared on cult favorites like Logo's Noah's Arc and TBS' My Boys and managed to squeeze in quite a few other independent films, alongside guest starring roles on critical hits that include Dexter, Heroes, and Without a Trace. Ellsworth also keeps his own website where he writes about and offers advice on all of the things that are close to his heart, like acai, meditation, and The More Project. The site, especially his Inspire Me column, really shows just what a long way Ellsworth has come from his days of eyecandy status. Now Ellsworth can instead be known for the beauty within that he is trying to share with friends and fans.

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