Monday, February 23, 2009

Men My Friends Are Talking About: Week One...

Last week when I posted the "Men My Friends Are Talking About" piece, I had every intention of showing a photo and printing a blurb underneath it to explain who the guy is and just why he is the topic of so many conversations. Unfortunately after narrowing my list down to what I thought was a manageable ten names, I realized that adding words would probably break some sort of record for length of a single blog post when the blogger wasn't getting paid by the word. So a pictorial had to do. However, I enjoyed the concept so much (and had to leave so many names off the initial list anyway) that I decided it might be fun to continue the column for at least a few weeks, switching off between male and female celebrities, highlighting those who may be up-and-comers, current "it" stars of the moment, or classic character actors who have been around forever but perhaps never celebrated as widely as they deserve. Today that person is Simon Pegg.
Pegg very nearly made my initial list when I considered bumping either Clooney or Duchovny (mostly because it is the same friend who talks about both of them interchangeably, and I wasn't sure it was fair to have her get two representations on the list), but alas he ended up as only an alternate (though it appears he is the real winner because neither of those other guys is getting a full column out of it!). Pegg shot to "overnight success" stardom with 2004's Shaun of the Dead release, after having only been working as a writer and actor for nine years prior. Born on the other side of the pond in Gloucestershire, Pegg's own form of dry wit risked getting lost in translation here in the formulaic toilet humor of the States' comedy genre, but his innate "every guy" quality quickly gathered him a strong and loyal following for his follow up projects Hot Fuzz, Run Fatboy Run, and How To Lose Friends and Alienate People.

Why My Friends Are Talking About Him: Pegg is a huge film nerd! He loves sci-fi and supernatural programming like Star Wars and The X-Files and often sneaks references to them into his films, giving the fans that share his taste some fun little "inside" nods. Pegg is also an extremely hard working, writing and starring in at least four new projects within the next two years, all while he preps to expand his family; his wife of three and a half years is set to give birth this summer.

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Jaime said...

Yay Simon Pegg!! He was so nice when I met him.