Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Open Letter To My Loyal Readers...

Dear Mom, My Friends, And Hopefully The Guy:

My confession... I tend to repeat myself. A lot. This shouldn't be news to any of you if you read on the consistent basis that I hope you do, but I feel it needs to be explained nonetheless. The reasoning behind this is three-fold: 1) It gives new readers more of a chance to get to hear my takes on certain things/people in case they decide not to go back through the archives; 2) A very few select things inspire me and stimulate heavy opinions in me; and 3) (and perhaps most importantly) Repetition offers more opportunities for me to someday work, and/or get exclusives, with the very same people I gush over on my own time.

See, the thing is, I would love nothing more than a one on one sit down with someone, oh I don't know, the likes of one Mr. Jensen Ackles perhaps (to name someone with the highest number of occurrences in the "labels" section)... There are a lot of questions I have for him, and even more photos I'd like to take! Similarly, getting a backstage position with (hell, or even a member of the ensemble of) RENT would be a job that I would do happily every day of my life for years on end without ever getting bored. Getting on the set of 30 Rock to follow Tina Fey around for the day would be a dream-- one that would garner an amazing exclusive interview that I would eagerly spin into a staff position, if granted the chance. The bottom line is: the things I write about here are all ones that I would love to be a part of, and being the writer that I am, I have found my own, albeit littlest possible, way to be actively involved in them.

Months ago, Entertainment Weekly gave my dream job to Diablo Cody. She got to share the Pop Watch essay page alongside the genius of Stephen King and Mark Harris. Now, she is living another one of my dreams: after using at least two of those columns to discuss her love for 90210, TPTB over there (and at The CW) offered her a guest spot. She not only gets to write about her love for the show and her trip to the set, but she gets to work alongside some that she has admired for years (Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling) and others that are somewhat newer, but still deep, obsessions. Now, I am in no way saying what I do here, on this small potatoes blog, is on par with the wit of the Oscar winning Ms. Cody, but I do believe that I often have some great insight to share. So while it has been great to have some of my exclusive event coverage linked to on some bigger news outlets, I guess I am just hoping that sometime soon the actual people I write about will take notice and thank me for all of the free (positive!) press... I confess: I have selfish motives, but really, that's not too much to ask, right??

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