Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pick A Dream!...

It has just come to my attention (after her face loomed in my mind, nagging me that I knew her from somewhere and first assumed she had just grown up in my suburban New York neighborhood-- but then went through the painstaking IMDb research) that American Idol contestant Jackie Tohn has had a lucrative career as an actress ever since the 1990s whiny hit The Nanny. The minute I saw that credit, it hit me instantly who she is: you might remember her as Cousin Tiffany and also Little Francine-- in different, but equally memorable, episodes. She could do the Fran Drescher laugh before (and better than!) former AI contestant Mikalah Gordon.

Tohn has worked steadily since then, appearing on programs like cult classic Veronica Mars, critical favorite The Sopranos, and more recently, cable gems It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and The Closer. She was even one of the actors contracted to appear in the short films of the budding Hollywood directors on Fox' much less popular reality show On The Lot, and her independent straight to DVD, feature film Postal pit her against comedy stars Dave Foley and Zack Ward.

To her credit, Tohn has just called herself a "performer" on AI, never seemingly trying to deny her success on the small screen without a mic in her hand-- and while I did appreciate the scratchy, soulful quality to her voice-- I still couldn't help but think she seemed a little greedy to want to not only reign over scripted programming guest star roles but also take the title in a reality competition. Needless to say I'm not shedding any tears now that she has been voted off!

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