Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday's Where Are They Now: Robert Iler...

Though The Sopranos only ended two years ago, its stars have been popping up on everything from Entourage (Jamie Lynn Sigler) to 30 Rock (Edie Falco) and even getting their own new series (Michael Imperioli in Life on Mars). One who has slipped by, virtually unnoticed, though, is Robert Iler, who literally grew up before HBO's eyes as young A.J.

As a child star, Iler pulled double-duty during his time playing Tony's slacker son: he also attended public school, where he enjoyed playing football but probably had to forgo dreams of playing varsity due to his hectic acting schedule. During the eight year run of the critically acclaimed familial drama, Iler appeared in only handfuls of scenes, morphing from chubby kid to slick businessman.

For the last two years, though, Iler has been living in New York and probably making up for lost time by spending as much of it with friends and family as he currently can. This season of Law & Order has brought him back to the small screen for the first time with a guest starring role on an episode entitled "Lucky Stiff." Call it typecasting, but Iler hasn't strayed much from the crime genre-- though it's been so good to him, it may just be hard to mess with a sure thing!

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