Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday's Where Are They Now?...

In an effort to streamline this blog a little bit more, I have decided that along with my weekly recaps of specific shows (which have sadly dwindled down to just one right now as the others have all ended their current seasons), I will be re-introducing past favorite columns and making them a more consistent feature. The first one coming back is "Where Are They Now?" which I will feature bi-weekly on Wednesdays. After posting about it in my Facebook Status, I received half a dozen names of people my loyal readers (err... or just some friends) were wondering about, so I will welcome any and all suggestions for upcoming profiles in the comment section here.

With all of the recent talk about a remake of Melrose Place, not to mention the latter seasons just FINALLY getting their DVD releases, I thought it would be fitting to take a look at where one of my favorites from that show has been, but for the most part, they've all stayed pretty relative in the spotlight. Sure, Locklear may be better known now for playing Hilary Duff's mom or for getting a DUI, but Rob Estes has been consistent with stints on Gilmore Girls, Women's Murder Club, and now 90210, and Marcia Cross has become even more famous than she was in the nineties for her turn as WASPy homemaker turned business woman/brand Bree Van De Kamp on Desperate Housewives. One that I have been left wondering about, though, is fellow Stuyvesant High School alum, Thomas Calabro.

Melrose Place's Dr. Michael Mancini was a little bit conniving and a little bit swarmy, but somehow through it all, he remained a fan favorite-- most likely due to Calabro's wide-smiled portrayal. The actor's kind eyes always kept his "rough around the edges" doc from becoming too evil and have probably since allowed him to shake any typecasting from those days. Calabro has gone on to show his powerful side as everything from an A.D.A on Cold Case to a Senator on Greek but also show his softer, family-friendly side on Touched by an Angel and Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus.

I guess it turns out that Calabro has been working pretty consistently since his days as a popular series' castmember have come to an end, but he has been involved with the kind of "blink and you missed them" parts in programs that are (unfortunately when it comes to mainstream) equally small potatoes. Currently, Calabro is filming the experimental feature film Locker 13, which consists of seven vignettes featuring varying storylines and actors, which are all connected to a mysterious locker number thirteen. The film, which has rotating directors, including Jason Marsden and Rick Schroeder, is expected to hit the festival route and then probably go straight to DVD. Well, I'll be back in New York for a little while, so if Calabro finds himself without a next gig immediately lined up, perhaps he would be interested in narrating my documentary, Stuyvesant: The Sh*t Behind The Scenes... I guess I better get "people" so I can have mine call his.

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