Friday, March 13, 2009


I have no clever, witty title for this one, and it’s hardly a breakthrough revelation, but I’m just so pissed off (though not entirely surprised) that I felt the need to share nonetheless. Is nothing sacred anymore???

When I first moved out to L.A. I wasn’t sure exactly in what capacity I would be involved with the television industry. Though I had hopes of being a bigwig, I was only eighteen, and I didn’t even have a car with which I could use to sneak myself onto backlots or location sets. So I did what every starf**king teenage girl did and signed up for On Camera Audience.

For those of you who don’t know, On Camera Audience is a company that finds and places seemingly “regular” people in the studio audience of countless talk (and the few variety) shows around Los Angeles. Sometimes they pay you a cool $7 an hour to show up at the lesser-known, let alone liked, programs, as well, though they are known to be somewhat discriminating when it comes to the “type” they are willing to book for audiences.

I ended up interning with a few shows in daytime—one that even employed the OCA (as we came to know them) guys—so I never ended up calling upon their services to kill an afternoon or make enough pocket change to have lunch out. But throughout the years I have remained on their mailing list, and I occasionally find notes about Chelsea Lately or America’s Got Talent in my spam folder. Tonight I came home to a note about next week’s taping of American Idol.

Considering this is supposedly the hottest ticket show in town, I opened the email, considering taking OCA up on their offer to give me up to four “preferred” seats for any one of the three performances next week—wait a minute…three? Tuesday was the performance show and Wednesday was the results, right? What the hell was the third? Were they bringing back yet another Wild Card? Were they making yet another change?
You may remember a slight blip in the news about American Idol taping their dress rehearsals last year. You may remember this if you live in Los Angeles and watch Good Day LA to get your morning news. You may even remember that some fan were questioning the legitimacy of the performances on which they were asked to vote every Tuesday at nine o’clock after this little tidbit “leaked out.” Well, I brushed it off then, but I’m hear to blow the lid right off the controversy now.

On Camera Audiences is giving me the chance to actually attend the live dress rehearsal, during which I am promised to watch all eleven remaining contestants perform in full wardrobe. Oh yeah, and Seacrest will be there, too. The only thing I won’t get is the judges’ comments. Why? Why, because they save those for the “live” show, don’tcha know! But only if you’re in the audience at the Kodak Theater during that live show will you know for sure if the performance that airs at eight p.m. is actually the “live” performance or the live rehearsal. So if producers’ favorites Lil Rounds or Adam Lambert slip up “live,” there’s always that “back up” performance to roll in through the VTR for broadcast! Add that to the fact that now the judges can veto America’s votes and bring back someone they think deserves a second shot, and I think we all know exactly how this season will turn out: any way Simon Cowell wants it to.


cbsplaysdirty said...

Jordan Sparks totally lip sanc on one of her songs a few years back. It has always been fixed. Maybe they should actually let America decide, I mean, it's not like they are turning out blockbuster stars. Only Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have done well, the rest have tanked. Simon got rid of, oh, what's her name again ---- JENNIFER HUDSON -- grammys, oscar..........yeah, Cowell knows talent like Michael Jackson knows pu$$y.

Kate, Dating in LA said...

Interesting! I thought they just did this for the playback at the end of the live show (the recap at the end when they give the numbers is always footage used from the dress rehearsal). I've also heard that Simon never shows up for the dress rehearsal, but that Paula is frequently there (she often mentions it in her comments).